Get A Bang For Your Buck With These 3 Muscle Building Exercises...

If you are looking to increase muscle size, get stronger and generally see a change in your physique you need to work these 3 areas of your body to initiate a new you! With the body it is quite simple and when I say this I mean in terms of building a great, aesthetic physique you must work the large muscle groups which will develop it. With this said, the three areas you are going to focus on are your Chest, Back and Legs as they release the most testosterone and growth hormone. When these hormones are released it sends signals to other parts of your body to grow and adapt. Here's how it is going to work...

Chest, Back and Legs

These areas of the body are filled with large muscles that enhance your physique and change you from skinny, thin, fat and heavy to what you want to be. These areas of the body when worked hard enough are going to release endorphin's and hormones which requires your body to GROW and develop. Multiple muscles are worked in the leg area, the back and in the chest which requires your body to push through intense sessions. When you put your body under the strain, when it is tested it can only do one thing, adapt and GROW! So what exercises can you do to make this happen? Read on to see how I have broken it down for each body part...


The ultimate chest exercise which really increases your size and density is the bench press. Loaded up some weight on the bar and getting down, repping out and going to failure on your last set, ensures growth. The bench press really hits the whole of the chest and gives it the mass you need to really look great without a shirt on.


The huge Cobra back that you possess is about to get a whole lot wider and bigger with this muscle building exercise, the Deadlift. An absolutely immense exercise which works lots of different muscles in the body, especially the back. Since this exercise works many muscles, it will also improve grip strength as you hold onto the bar for every last rep you put yourself through!


Mass builder for your legs? No sweat, hit the squat rack and own every rep you put yourself through. The squat is perfect for building your quads, hamstrings and glute muscles which all need working. When you hit the squat and you hit it hard you get extra bang for your buck. Working your foundations and pushing them hard, means your upper body will grow with it as it sends more testosterone and growth hormone around the body! When I originally said no sweat on this one, take that lightly, it usually pours in the squat rack ;)


Don't forget to eat well and supplement on some good protein after your sessions to re build your muscles and help them grow even more. You are going to break down some serious muscle when you hit your sessions and this is what you want but don't lose out on the muscle gains you could be making by not giving your muscles what they need. Give them the protein and amino acids which will really help replenish them properly! GOOD LUCK 

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