Why Basingstoke’s Bid To Sign Ronaldinho Is A Lesson To Us All



We are confined to the boundaries we set ourselves. Nobody ever became great at something by conforming, just doing enough to get by, and doing what everybody else did before them. By definition, being great at something means you are better than the norm, higher than average at something, so just settling for mediocrity isn’t something the greats of our world generally do! Now something interesting struck me about the recent transfer window that has just passed, and it’s got something to do with one of the greatest footballers and characters of our time, and in the history of football…Ronaldinho. You know, the guy who has 97 caps for Brazil (back when they were the undisputed greats of the sport), the one who won the World Cup with them and was awarded World player of the year!?


Now with Ronaldinho being a true ‘great’, and with my comments about greats not settling for mediocrity fresh in mind, you may think it would be ludacris for him to sign for a team such as Basingstoke, right? Well, the harsh reality of Ronaldinho signing for them is very slim, but most pertinently, it is actually possible! You know the guy who is dating the stunning brunette, or the 21 year old who is director at a law firm, well they didn’t shy away from something just because it seemed somewhat implausible at the time, but instead they stuck their neck out and asked for it…they took a chance when others might have shied away.


You don’t win a raffle, if you don’t buy a raffle ticket

I reckon the manager of Basingstoke came up with the adage ‘You don’t win a raffle, if you don’t buy a raffle ticket’, and good on him for it. He isn’t insulting anyone by making such an offer, he isn’t breaking any law…what he’s doing is taking a good ol’ fashioned punt! I say good on him, and I also say why don’t more of us adopt this care free, optimistic outlook on life? The chances of him completing this somewhat audacious transfer offer is small, but who knows, maybe at some point in Ronaldinho’s life he thought ‘I’ve always liked the historic site that is The Vyne in Basingstoke…maybe Ronaldinho couldn’t believe his luck when that offer pinged up in his inbox. The manager of Basingstoke had enough pride and belief in his team and club to take a chance, the risk was small as they had nothing to lose, but the potential glory is unprecedented! If nothing at all, the random and most unlikely of transfer requests was marketing and publicity genius, the sheer audacity of the offer has already given Basingstoke global exposure on the like of BBC Sport, Sky Sports News and the likes of. A spokesman for the 6th division club said: "We took a look at the transfer list to see which players were available," "We were shocked to see that Ronaldinho was a free agent and thought what better way for him to get back into football than to play for Basingstoke Town. "We are third in the table and it would be great for not only Basingstoke but non-league football." Ronaldinho in all probability won’t be signing for Basingstoke, but whatever happens from here on in, at least someone was willing to break the mould, at least Basingstoke were willing to take a shot at the big time! I say good on them! 



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