‘ Beast ’Enders : Who Spilled Leucine? EastEnders Special


Apparently ‘everyone is talking about it’… ‘it’ referring to ‘who killed Lucy’ on the English soap Eastenders. Well, I beg to differ, I reckon there are more people talking about those ignorant individuals that end their Beast Mode by spilling their Leucine! Leucine MUST NOT BE SPILT, Leucine is your muscles main muscle building BCAA…are you telling me ‘who killed Lucy’ is more important than ‘who spilled Leucine’?
So rather than EastEnders, here at Discount Supplements we are far more intrigued by the mystery of the ‘Leucine Spiller’! Don’t be a ‘BeastEnder’ by spilling your Leucine, get those gains via a BCAA and get down the gym!  I would argue that the real question shouldn’t be ‘who killed Lucy’, but rather ‘who spilled leucine’… chances are Lucy probably slipped on some spilled Leucine, so find the Leucine spiller and you’ve got the ‘Lucy killer’! Boom!

That’s saved you wasting an hour of your life watching EastEnders. You can thank me later J


Why is Leucine so important?

Leucine is arguably one of the most important nutrients for gaining muscle, aside from calories, protein (whole protein) and of course vitamins and minerals, there is one amino acid that stands out…Leucine. Leucine is a member of the Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) family, alongside Isoleucine and Valine. Leucine is considered a proteinogenic amino acid meaning its main function is to stimulate muscle protein synthesis…that means MUSCLE GROWTH!


Leucine Turns Beast Mode On!

One of the main ways Leucine tunes you in to train, as well as promoting muscle growth is via an enzyme called mTOR, or mammalian target of rapamycin. mTOR is a kinase, kinases are enzymes that add negatively charged phosphate groups onto our proteins. The significance of mTOR is that it changes the target protein (the protein that is receiving the message from the brain) to action muscle protein synthesis. mTOR literally triggers the proteins to develop lean mass i.e. skeletal muscle tissue, so feeding the body with Leucine facilitates the release of mTOR, mTOR is a catalyst for muscle protein synthesis, and muscle protein synthesis means….GAINS!

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