Beat The Hangover With Ease....

Are the endless summer parties, nights out and drunken times getting a bit too much for your body? Are your hangovers getting worse and you feel like you can't face another night out? Thankfully for myself I don't tend to drink enough alcohol to experience the painful headaches and hangovers that others seem to get. With that said however, we like to make sure you guys can go out and enjoy yourself knowing you have the right foods in your arsenal ready to combat your hangover the next day. There are also some preventative measures you can take before drinking alcohol that should reduce the hangover the following day. So without further delay, here are things you should be doing....


Unless you completely cannot move, exercise is one of the best things for you in terms of making your brain feel more alive. Get some light steady state cardio in which doesn't involve a lot of exertion from your body. Go outside and get some fresh air, walk or take a cycle ride around somewhere. This will really help clear your head and make you feel better

Eat Nuts

Snacking on a handful of nuts like walnuts pack a lot of anti oxidants which can really help you feel that much better quite quickly.


Use zinc before the morning to combat the effects of alcohol and beat the hangover first. Using a zinc tablet or perhaps eating oysters which are very rich in zinc can really reduce hangovers. This is because zinc can help boost immunity and rid your body of toxins, keeping it healthy and functioning properly.


How do you like your eggs in the morning? Having eggs for breakfast can seriously help you feeling much better within an hour or so of consuming this wonder food. Not only are they high in protein per egg but they also contain amino acids which helps break down the alcohol and toxins in your body.


You are more than likely going to be feeling a little dehydrated but you can't just have water on it's own. Sure you need to replenish on liquids but you also need to make sure you are effectively hydrating your body. This means using an electrolyte blend which contains a good ratio of potassium and sodium to hydrate your body properly.

Power Nap

If you are still feeling rough later in the day an afternoon nap could help you sleep off your hangover even if it is just for an hour or less. A quick power nap can help the body rest further and release certain hormones which is going to make you feel better than before shutting your eyes.

The healthier you eat the better you are going to feel so make sure you eat and don't starve your body from nutritious foods. Your immediate thoughts upon wakening might be to eat something fattening like fast food. Most times this isn't the case and you are just in need of hydrating your body. Remember these foods are high in salt so it could be your body telling you what you really need. electrolyte drinks are great for you when you aren't feeling 100%.

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