Beat Back Pain By Looking After Your Core Muscles


Funnily enough core training isn't just for the Summer months when you are going to be wearing fewer clothes, this style of training should be included in your workouts weekly for major benefits. A huge benefit of working your core muscles is increased strength within your back and a reduction in pain or injury. A particular method of training the core muscles effectively is through Stability Training that is demanding on the body but can be performed by all levels.

Stability Training

So the main aim of stability training is to engage muscles that might get neglected through other training methods by performing exercises on an unstable surface. So this could be anything from using a bosu ball, swissball, standing on one leg, having your eyes closed and so on. Imagine if most of your training is using a bench which is fixed to the ground and offers enough support to relax core muscles so they don't have to work as hard. Using a bench for shoulder press, chest press, back exercises, arms and so on doesn't engage your core muscles as effectively as you could. So what can you do? Well, take a look at these exercises below but first let's just explain one small tip you want to make sure you are doing when engaging the core...

The Core

A term which is probably used quite loosely in the fitness industry is the word 'core'  as it isn't just about the front muscles. In particular the core should be visualized as your very own weight lifting belt which wraps around the mid section that provides support to the rest of your body. So, your core muscles aren't just your six pack muscles, they are muscles internally and ones that help support, flex, extend the trunk whilst protecting it from injury.


Using a swiss ball to replace your static bench is one way of increasing the activation of your core muscles. So instead of performing a dumbbell chest press on the bench switch it up for the swiss ball and likewise with shoulder press or other seated exercises you do on the bench, switch it for the ball. You will see a huge difference in your core muscles being activated which in time will help with strengthening this area and your lower back.

Replacing static movements like leg extensions, seated leg curls, leg press etc for functional movements like walking lunges, transverse lunges and squat squats etc will improve your core tremendously. Again by eliminating static, seated exercises from your workouts and replacing them with functional movements is going to cause you engage the whole body and in particular those core muscles.


What you will find with most of this is that your core is getting a much better workout because it is having to do a lot more work than usual. When you are laying on a bench or sitting on a seat you are secure and there is no way you are really going to fall off, so these muscles relax. Stability training enforces you to work these muscles more than ever before,thus giving you a better workout. It also means as a bi product of all of this that you end up burning more calories due to more muscles being worked. WIN WIN! Of course, a stronger core is going to mean stronger muscles and therefore relieved back pain. Back pain is a massive topic and just because you work your core muscles it doesn't solve everything, but this can at least help a little :)

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