The Bedroom Workout : Sexual Health

We hit the gym to improve stamina, increase our strength and to make ourselves look and feel great. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is very important. If you can include bedroom antics as part of your healthy lifestyle, even better!

Research suggests that a loving relationship, physical touch and sex can have a significant positive impact on health in many ways. We feel great during sex but the benefits extend well beyond the bedroom.

Here are 10 health reasons for leading an active sex life (like you need any encouragement!):

1.     It can increase your lifespan. Queen’s University conducted a 10-year study which found that those who orgasm more often, live longer. Enjoy yourself as much as possible and extend the years you have to continue that enjoyment, win win!

2.     When we sweat during sex it helps to cleanse the pores in our skin leaving us with a healthy, post-sex glow! Who needs expensive face creams when you can enhance your skin with sex?

3.     Regular sex aids weight loss. This happens for two reasons. Firstly, the imaginative positions you get yourselves into burn calories. Even missionary will give your abs and legs a brilliant workout. Secondly, because you are enjoying the intimacy, you are more likely to continue with exercise that you would normally give up on if you weren’t enjoying yourself as much!

4.     Carrying on from the previous point, sex helps strengthen muscles. Again this is dependent on your bedroom stunts, but the repetition and movement causes the muscles to contract and release continuously. The very same thing you strive for with reps and sets in the gym!

5.     The more sex you have, the more attractive you become to others. High levels of sexual activity cause you to give off pheromones which are the hormones of attraction.

6.     Sex is a great pain killer! Immediately before orgasm, oxytocin levels increase to five times that of a normal level. Also known as the ‘love hormone’, this is the hormone that bonds us to our partners but it is also increases our pain thresholds reducing our sensitivity to pain. So next time your partner tells you they have a headache, you can suggest the perfect cure!

7.     Winter is just around the corner and with winter comes an abundance of cold and flu viruses. The perfect way to protect yourself from this? Sex of course! Sexual activity 1-2 times per week can increase levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A by 30%. This strengthens your immune system and helps fight cold and flu.

8.     Sex increases our quality of sleep. Research has shown that both men and women feel more relaxed following sex which helps send us off into a deep and peaceful slumber.

9.     Believe it or not, sex can help protect against cancer in men. Researchers have found that high ejaculation frequency lowers the risk of developing prostate cancer. A frequency of 13-20 times each month lowers the risk by 14% when compared with 4-7 times monthly. If you are lucky enough to exceed 21 times per month, then you lower your risk by 33%!

10.  Sex lowers stress levels and blood pressure. A Scottish study found that people who had intercourse prior to being placed in a stressful situation responded much better than those who engaged in other sexual behaviours or abstained. A different study found that diastolic blood pressure was reduced in those who lived together and had sex often.

As you can see from this list, there are a wide range of health benefits attributed to an active sex life. If you are engaging in regular sex, congratulations! You are probably already reaping these benefits. If you would like to improve your sex life, there are supplements available which can help you.

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Optimum Health Ultimate ZMA is a workout supplement which helps to increase muscle strength and improve recovery post-exercise. It can also increase libido and improve quality of sleep.

BSN NO - Xplode is a vasodilator, meaning it widens your blood vessels increasing blood flow to certain areas. The key component in this is nitric oxide, which incidentally, is one of the main active ingredients in viagra. Well worth adding this to your supplement arsenal.

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