Beef That Is High In Omega 3 Oils : How Chinese Scientists Have Put Fish Goodness Into Beef


You hear of some obscure research findings in the news from time to time, but if someone told you that you may soon be eating beef that gives you the same nutritional goodness as fish, you’d be forgiven for laughing in their face.

Let’s be honest, fish and cows are pretty distinct both in their appearance and their biochemical make-up, but with this said they are still just protein, fat, minerals and water (amongst a few other integral components) the same as us. So because their anatomical make-up is pretty much the same, scientists can now rear cattle so that their bodily tissue is rich in omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

Humans consume far more beef than oily fish, so if scientists can naturally enrich beef with these essential, health promoting fats, then we stand a much better chance of increasing total health. Although increased levels of omega-3 in beef is good, the study didn’t specify whether levels of saturated fat decreases proportionately which would be desirable if health and wellbeing was the overall goal.

This is a form of genetic engineering, so may not be to everyone’s taste, however let’s sit back and watch this space, who knows what the next mooooovvveeee will be (sorry, couldn’t resist).

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