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When is the best time to train? Morning? Afternoon? Night? When convenient? Here we look into what time is ‘the best’ time to train…So here I’m going to explore a few points related to the best time to train before bringing it to a close.

Training in The Morning

Training in the morning can be hugely beneficial for us. Not only does it get us up nice and early, but by exercising early on…our brain and body wakes up a lot faster and gives us more energy for the rest of the day. Following a good workout endorphins rush around our bodies, starting off the day feeling great as opposed to it taking a few hours before we are really fully awake, exercise forces us to wake up and feel great. The downside for some is that we may need to get up really early before work, which can be tough to adjust to…plus if you go to bed late, it can be hard to get up early and be productive during the day due to being deprived of sleep slightly.

Personally, I like to train in the morning as it gets me in a great frame of mind, I feel awesome and it lasts right the through the day…oh and if you workout in the morning, you’re less likely to make poor food choices during the day as you don’t want to go against your hard work.

Training In The Afternoon

If you’re a student or you’re not at work in the afternoon, this can be a viable option! I sometimes did this at university and found that it broke up my day really nicely. You can do jobs in the morning plus tie up some loose ends before going to the gym in the afternoon, finish up in the gym, get showered and then continue with your day but with more energy as you’ve had a workout. You may even have a little more strength when working out in the afternoon because you’ll be able to have a meal or two prior to getting to the gym.

For those who have a lot to do during the day, this can be a distraction or an inconvenience so I’d only recommend this for people who it works for, as if you don’t want to be there that’ll lead to a poor workout.

Training After Work or In the Evening

Workouts later on in the day are very common, as soon as you finish work or a little later on - getting down to the gym can be something to look forward too. If you’ve had a long day or a stressful day, hitting the weights can really be rejuvenating! It’s interesting how expending energy working out can make us more energetic (unless you go overboard with the exercise that is). Sometimes the gym can be a little busy, however if this is the only time you can train…so be it. I’ve done this before and I didn’t really like it to be honest…but I thought this is better than nothing and asked people to share machines, so I wasn't waiting around all the time which can be a real time waster.

Training When You Have Time

Training when you can, works for some but is horrible for others!

If you can wing it when it comes to training and train when you have time, that’s awesome…however for many people (myself included) structure works a lot better. If you have a job that has irregular hours, this may be your best option…so make sure to have a good plan of action and you’ll be able to do your best when it comes to working out consistently.


Really, for me there is no ‘best time’ to work out…it’s simply the best time for YOU.

If I had to say a best time, it would be the morning as it gets you up early…and as soon as you wake up you have something you can get on with. However, if this isn’t good for you for whatever reason…pick the time that you’ll be most consistent with, which will give you momentum that can lead to quality, consistent results over time.

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