Do You Want A Better Nights Sleep?


Do you find it hard to get a good nights sleep? Do you often find your sleep is broken and you wake up a few times throughout the night? Melatonin is known as the best natural nightcap you can give your body. It is a natural hormone naturally produced within the body that will help improve your sleeping patterns. It is secreted from the pineal gland which is in the center of your brain. As we register the fall of darkness melatonin is released to help us sleep and is responsible for our sleep-wake cycles. There is nothing more frustrating that going to sleep and yet still waking up feeling exhausted. Find out below how you can improve your nights sleep.

Why Use Melatonin?

This has been scientifically proven to help people of all ages to get a better nights sleep. As we get older, there is less melatonin produced within the body and therefore this could be something you need to enhance your sleep. It can also help build the immune system and reduce the risk of free radicals within the body. So if you suffer with poor nights sleep and find it hard to drift off then this might help you.

How Much Should I Consume? 

This can depend on your body type and what is going to work for you. Studies have shown that as little as a tenth of a milligram will help start the dozing off process so it really does depend on your body type and how much you need. Some people may find that taking larger doses of melatonin could make you feel groggier in the morning. This might be a case of trial and error in the first week when taking it to see how your body reacts and what works best for you.

Should Certain People Avoid Taking it? 

Yes, if you are pregnant it is recommended not to take this as it could have an impact on your baby, always speak to your doctor first before taking it. With this said, females trying to conceive should also think twice about taking it as this can act as a contraceptive.  If you suffer with allergies and have auto immune diseases then this shouldn't be taken. In all circumstances before taking something which you haven't used before, always seek advice from your GP/doctor so that you know whether this product is safe for you to use.

ZMA Can Also Help

While it may seem difficult to purchase melatonin on its own, ZMA is a product we sell that will help do a similar job. ZMA is simply Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B-6 ingredients combined to help you recover after intense exercise. These ingredients are also found to help increase sleep patterns. ZMA will help the release of melatonin with the body that in turn will help give you a better nights sleep. The product is also great for muscle repair, hormonal balance, testosterone levels and more.  Magnesium in particular is great as it is known to be a muscle relaxant and therefore will help you ease into a deeper sleep.

Foods That Contain Melatonin

Finally, there are a few foods out there that help release melatonin within the body. Foods such as cherries, bananas, oatmeal and warm milk all help with the release of melatonin within the body once you have consumed them. Warm milk is particularly good as it contain calcium which also helps promote a better sleep.

So there you have it, the release in melatonin within the body will help encourage a better nights sleep for you. When you sleep you recover and if you lead an active lifestyle it is important to get a good nights sleep.

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