So You Want Big Guns?? Train This Muscle Over Others...


It comes as no surprise that when the nicer weather hits town, your workouts might change a little to focus on certain muscles more than others. A popular workout for us guys but also for the ladies is working the arm muscles, in particular the biceps and triceps. However, the majority of the time is spent working the biceps which is good but if you want big arms, your focus should be on the triceps. This is because the tricep muscle is a much larger group than the biceps. Sounds obvious right but ask yourself, when did you last dedicate some time to training your triceps over training the biceps....


This muscle group is comprised of three different muscles within the back of the arm and they are activated by pushing movements through chest and shoulder movements, and then through isolation exercises. So, exercises like chest press and shoulder press are going to target your triceps as a secondary muscle group, but ultimately you want to give them a workout of their own.


There are a couple of key points to note when training your triceps and this is to make sure you keep an eye on what your elbows are doing. For the majority of the exercises you want to make sure your elbows are tucked in close so that the emphasis is strictly on the back of your arms and not anywhere else. Another tip is to always make sure you are squeezing the triceps and not just performing the movement, you always want to make sure you have a mind muscle connection.

The Workout

Aim for at least 8 reps on each exercise and try to push through to 12 repetitions if you can do it. If you hit max reps then make sure you are adjusting the weight and putting it up so you see change. Aim for 3-4 sets depending on time and how you are feeling...

Narrow Grip Bench Press -

Have your hands close together but with a palm width in between and keep your elbows tucked in. Perform this like you would a regular bench press instead keep everything close to the body.

Overhead Tricep Press

Place yourself on a seated bench so you can sit up right but have space to lower the weight behind your neck. Simply use one dumbbell and go behind your head with presses, keeping your elbows in tight. This is a great exercise to perform, be sure to have a spotter behind you in case you need help on those last couple of reps as there is nothing worse than getting stuck with it and can't get it back up.

Rope Pulldown

The final exercise is a rope pulldown which you can perform on the cables, it's a great exercise to finish on after taxing your triceps with the heavier lifts. Again, keep the elbows tucked in and simply pull the rope from a high level until the arms are fully extended, this will work the tricep muscle and you should really focus on squeezing this.

Make sure you stretch when your session is finished and re fuel the right way, with a whey protein shake which will go straight to those triceps :)

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