If The Biscuit Fits, Eat It…Right?

Or have we got this wrong somewhere along the line?

Well Mcvities have opted to make their Digestive biscuits smaller in order to help with the rising number of obese individuals. Obesity is costing the government (and therefore us) millions of pounds in health costs each year be it through the acute risks of being overweight, or the chronic co-morbidities that result. So anything anyone can do to help this desperate state of affairs is welcomed with open arms…the thing is, are smaller biscuits the answer or do you/we just eat more to compensate!?

MSN Food seem be missing the point when they say ‘Why should we all suffer [i.e. have to eat smaller biscuits] because some people are gluttons’?  The answer isn’t related to the size of the biscuit, the answer is related to the size of your discipline!

Come on people, we all have a choice and if you choose to eat a whole packet of biscuits over a healthier alternative, then yes…you do need to acquire some discipline, and maybe even some nutritional education.

Opt instead for a rice cake, ryvita, or maybe even go for a Rich Tea instead. Hey you could even stick with the trusty Digestive, and maybe even push the boat out and have the ones with chocolate on top too…all you have to do is have one or maybe two and put the lid back on. Simple, right?


On the plus side, at least you'll be able to dunk the whole biscuit in one go...that's a winner in my book!

Original Source:

MSN Food, (2013). You won't solve obesity by making my biscuits smaller. Retrieved 10th May, 2013, from http://food.uk.msn.com/socialvoices/government-to-reduce-biscuit-sizes-tax

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