The Power Of Juicing : The Blender That Is Overtaking The Juicer...


Detoxing, cleansing and juicing is becoming very popular among our health and fitness community but what is all the fuss about? First things first, it seems the most important thing to consider is what blender you are going to use and worry about ingredients after. With this said, the Nutribullet seems to be the best gadget blender to use and is ahead of other juicers. The Nutribullet's main attractions are that it costs less than a juicer but it can handle more ingredients due to it's vast technology. Less mess, easy to clean and it is very portable which means no stress when travelling around. So using this blender over others is the first step, but let's also have a look at why you would juice and what benefits  this has...

Juice To Detox

The main reason people tend to have a smoothie a day is to remain healthy and give our bodies the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs. On a daily basis we damage our bodies because of the different substances we are forced to breathe in within our environment. If you work in an office you might have air conditioning which dries you out and is certainly not clean air as it has been chemically broken down. The fumes from cars results in us breathing in this when we are outside. You might fancy something bad to eat like a fast food meal which contains toxins. The list goes on but hey we are only human, and we have to accept that these things happen but there is a way we can help our bodies.

The Liver

Your liver is responsible for a lot of functions within the body and it is the main organ which takes a beating when trying to keep your body healthy. It is also responsible for cleansing the body and working with your lymphatic system to rid your body of toxins that want to harm it. Everyday your body will be under attack and the liver is doing it's best to keep you fighting fit. However by detoxing and giving it a rest, you can achieve a greater working physique which will also make you feel a million times better.

Why Juice

Fruits and vegetables are very important and we have known this since a very young age, but sometimes we can struggle to eat enough of them. This is when the blender comes in handy because kicking off with one of these is going to give you enough vitamins and minerals for the day ahead. Blend away as many different types as you want so that you give your body enough goodness to cleanse it from the bad it will be subjected too. Granted, pollution in the air, air con and other such things can't be helped but you can help your body by watching the amount of bad food and drink you consume.

Include different fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs for a smoothie that meets your taste buds. Be sure to keep your diet as clean as possible when doing this so that you give your body it's best possible chance in being fully cleansed. Give it a go for a week. Introduce a smoothie into your diet and try to avoid anything rubbish, you might surprise yourself as 1 week can quickly turn into 2,3 and 4 weeks of being super healthy :)

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