Get A Body Like Mark Wahlberg From His Latest Movie Pain and Gain.

Get a body like Mark Wahlberg from his latest movie Pain and Gain.

For anyone who has had the chance to see this movie will agree with me that Mark is looking in great shape and has worked exceptionally hard. I have researched into Marks training, nutrition and lifestyle so that I can give you a workout that will have you looking like Mark. It goes without saying that he is a role model to so many people around the world through his acting ability and serves as an inspiration to many.

Mark gained 40lbs of muscle mass for his role within this bodybuilding movie which is an incredible amount. He started at a weight of 165lbs which is slightly below his normal weight of 185lbs and reached 212lbs for the movie. In order for Mark to gain the weight he used a lot of weight gainers due to the massive amount of calories each shake contains. Alongside his shakes he would eat a whopping 10 meals a day and even wake up in the morning at 2am to eat. Mark said in his interview with Muscle and Strength Magazine '' I was eating 10 meals a day and drinking mass gainers. It was a lot of hard work. I would get up at 2am to eat another meal and I was still full from my meal at 10pm''. This statement alone shows how committed and determined he is to succeed and build a great physique. His trainer, Brian Nguyen states, Wahlberg is an elite athlete who has changed his physique for many different roles. He continued to say '' You cannot deny his mindset'' meaning he is motivated and determined no matter what he has to do.

It comes as no surprise that to keep looking great whilst eating 10 meals a day Mark needed to exercise regularly. He did this by attending the gym 5 times a week. A typical day would be waking at 430am and being in the gym for 5am. He spoke of how he would be getting into the gym as party animals would be then leaving the nightclubs. Mark is very strong at bench press, which he would perform regularly. At one point he would bench an awesome 335lbs to develop his chest muscles. Mark included various different types of training throughout his routines. Sessions would last no longer than an hour and would include supersets. I have seen different clips of Mark performing different exercises using the following equipment. Speed ropes, weight machines, dumbbells, kettlebells and TRX bands. Certain exercises he did would indicate on certain days he was going for a more functional approach, whilst on others there was a more brutal, ''let's lift heavy'' approach.

Mark's goal for the movie was to build muscle and it's exactly what he did. If you want to build muscle then here is what you need to do. Remember, Mark was eating 10 meals a day and including mass gaining shakes to develop a bigger, bolder physique. There really are no short cuts, just hard work and dedication. So if you want to build a body like the famous Mark Wahlberg then check this out.

Perform 6-8 repetitions over 3 - 4 sets.

BENCH PRESS - Perform a flat bench press to maximise gains for your chest muscles. This is a staple in Marks routine and is now officially a staple in yours. Get Benching!!!

SQUAT - Skip leg day?? No you don't!! Mark was constantly hitting the squat rack and never missed his leg day. You won't either if you want to grow.

LUNGES - Mark loved the old school lunges. Perform these to work the hamstrings and glutes for maximal development.

BARBELL MILITARY PRESS - Build them shoulders like Marks by including a shoulder press using a barbell. This exercise will develop your front and medial deltoids.

WIDE GRIP PULL UPS - This movie is based on another old school exercise. The pull up. The wider you go the more width you are going to develop around your back muscles.

BICEP CURL - You know a workout isn't a workout without including one of Marks favourite exercises. That's right. The bicep curl. Perform this exercise to increase your peak.

AB CRUNCHES - Mark liked to work his core to gain extra strength in big exercises. Only on this exercise perform 20 reps per set.


Perform these 7 exercises around your other routines to incorporate a fundamental plan. Mark used many different exercises and workout routines to achieve his end goal. Be sure to mix up all your exercises and don't forget, No Pain, No Gain ;)

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