The Different Body Types explained: Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph

Everyone has a different body type compared to the next person. One of the factors that helps create different body types is the metabolism. How many of you hear someone say ‘’ Yeah, I can eat that, I have a really fast metabolism’’? Other people will be completely different and won’t have such a quick burning metabolism. Some of you will naturally turn food into energy which can then be used for fuel for exercise and again, some of you won’t and some of the food you have just eaten will be stored as fat. Unfortunately this is how your body type is and you have to work with what you have got. But which body type refers to you and how can you learn more about your body? Well, you either fit into one of three categories. These are


Ectomorph – Short upper body, long arms and legs, long and narrow feet and hands. Very little fat storage, narrowness in the chest and shoulders.


Mesomorph -  Large chest, long torso, solid muscle structure and great strength.


Endomorph – Soft musculature, round face, short neck, wide hips and heavy fat storage.


Are you reading this and starting to get a picture of what category you might fit into?? These three different types are commonly referred to as ‘somatotypes’. Let’s now have a look at what training is best for each type, starting with Ectomorph.

As you can see from the description we are picturing someone whose primary goal is gaining weight, preferably in the form of quality muscle mass. This type will have to force feed in order to eat enough to ensure continued growth. There will be limited strength and you may find it hard to develop muscle mass. Ok, quite a few negative points here, so if you are reading this and relating to it? Read on, I’m going to give you some tips on how you can improve. First of all, include some compound moves into your workout routine. These big, compound moves will help you grow and you will develop more of an appetite for food. I suggest performing 4-6 repetitions of some heavy weighted compound moves for it to shock your body and grow!! Be sure to warm up properly. Check out my article on compound moves for good exercises. You need to pay careful attention to what you are putting into your body. Remember, you find it hard to grow lean muscle mass therefore, the amount of calories you put into your body is crucial. If necessary, I recommend using a weight gaining protein shake that will help you absorb the extra calories without spending all your time in the kitchen cooking endless amounts of chicken and pasta. My final point here, ultimately you are trying to build lean muscle mass. So keep a close eye on what other activities you are doing that may inhibit your goal. Aerobic activities such as running, swimming, cycling, rowing etc will burn calories that you need for you to grow. You can still add some cardiovascular exercise into your routine, just not excessive amounts.

The mesomorph will find it quite easy to build muscle but will also need to make sure there is a variety of exercises in the workout to grow well, proportionate muscles. You will need to make sure you put an emphasis on the quality of your training. Pay attention to isolation exercises so that you sculpt your muscles perfectly. You will make gains relatively quickly so don’t worry about overtraining. 8-12 repetitions will be great over 3-4 sets. You won’t need to pay that much attention to diet either. You will eat a balanced amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and making sure you eat the correct amount of each. You could say, the mesomorph is the ideal somatotype.

Finishing with the endomorph somatotype. Generally, this type will not have too much trouble building muscle. You may find it slightly somewhat of a challenge to lose body fat so you will have to pay attention to your diet. For you I recommend that you workout using a principle of 8-12 repetitions over 3-4 sets. You might even want to throw in some supersets to optimise some fat burn to maintain your weight. Unlike the ectomorph you will need to add aerobic activity into your workouts. Perform aerobic activity for 30-60 minutes over a 3 day period should help keep the weight off you. HIIT training could also be good for you as it helps speed up your metabolism. Check out my article on HIIT training so that you know what you are doing. You will need to make sure you are keeping a close eye on what foods you are putting into your body. Naturally your body type could hold onto fatty foods for longer and store them as fat when comparing to the other types. Make sure you watch this.


Even though you have a different body type to someone else, all is not lost! Work with the body type you have and stick to these pointers I have given you. Just because you are naturally skinny or fat doesn't mean you have to stay this way? You can change and adapt to a new you. In some cases it will be hard work but start today and you can change. Good luck and get in touch with me or Tom if you need more help, especially with your maltadextrin needs.


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