How To Get A Body Like The Wolverine : Diet And Fitness Explained

With Wolverine being the talk of the movie industry at the moment, how would you like to get a body just like him? I haven't seen the movie yet, but judging from the photos and what I have seen in the trailer, Hugh is certainly looking in great shape, which doesn't necessarily reflect in his age. Being 44 years of age and his body constantly changing for different roles in his acting career, he needed to get his physique in tip top shape ready for the release of this movie. But how hard did he have to work for his marvel body? How many calories a day did he eat? What style of training did he perform? All questions I will be answering in this article.

Having researched into Hugh's lifestyle for this movie, I can tell you, he took no short cuts. Hard work, dedication and staying fully committed resulted in him obtaining a shredded physique. Hugh performed a whole range of different exercises, rep ranges and sets to get to where he needed to be. He worked with a Personal Trainer that pushed his limits through a bulking phase of training to build lean muscle mass and strength. Hugh performed 3 hours a day of resistance based training over a 5 day split and he performed cardiovascular based exercises most days. He considered free weights to be the best way to stay injury free, as opposed to using machines. With using the free weights Hugh performed big compound movements such as deadlifts, squats and one arm rows. He found if he used machines he would be more likely to pick up an injury, and this would be very detrimental to his progress. He ate 6000 calories per day, and spoke to his good friend Dwayne ' The Rock' Johnson to get some good tips (no guesses why he did that, Dwayne is also looking in phenomenal shape these days). Hugh liked to use Intermittent Fasting to keep his body in check and so he only ate foods between 10am and 6pm, the rest of the time while he was awake he fasted. Intermittent Fasting is great for fat loss and gaining muscle. Unfortunately I do not know how long Hugh was doing IF, however it is clearly something that worked for him.

Now you know the basics behind him creating an awesome physique, let's look at how you can also achieve one similar to him (minus the foot long claws coming out of your hands). Let's start with the most important agenda which is your diet. What you eat will certainly contribute to what type of physique you will achieve, regardless of how many hours you spend a day exercising. Hugh consumed enough protein, carbohydrates and fats to get him through his workouts on a daily basis. You will need to do the same as it's so important to get the right amount of nutrients in your body. What type of food should you eat? Well, Hugh spoke about eating very bland food and ate a lot of chicken. He took a liking to Intermittent Fasting and ate around 6000 calories. This means, he built his physique on eating a vast amount of food and fasted at the same time. In my opinion, IF is great and will be something of the future. If you are planning on implementing this into your routine, make sure you use the 8 hour period of eating to cover the period of when you have worked out. You will need to make sure you are eating enough protein, carbohydrates and fat for your body to grow and develop. If you want to gain lean muscle mass like The Wolverine you need to put the calories into your body and have enough protein to aid in recovery and muscle growth. Eating alone however isn't going to cut it, you also need to put in time, effort and sweat into some grueling workouts.

In terms of training, I strongly recommend performing free weight sessions over the course of 5 days if you have the time. Split your sessions into muscle groups that can be worked on a daily basis. For instance, a simple 5 day split could look something like this.


Monday - Chest

Tuesday - Back

Wednesday - Legs

Thursday - Shoulders

Friday - Arms


If you didn't have the time to work over a 5 day split you could double up certain muscle groups. Chest and Back go nicely together as does Shoulders and Legs. Resistance training however isn't going to be enough. You will need to perform some cardiovascular based exercises too, exercises such as running, cycling, rowing are all great. Ideally you want to do this type of exercise on a seperate day to free weights or at the end of your weights session. Just like Hugh, you need to make sure you incorporate compound exercises into your plan. Remember, squats, deadlifts, lunges etc are all great exercises that burn fat and build lean muscle. Wolverine is lean, shredded and looks great, do you want this physique too?

Finally, because of the sheer volume of exercises and physical strain you will put your body under, it's important to keep your diet in check. However, there will be certain times when this isn't possible due to your lifestyle and work commitments. So supplementing by using a good protein, BCAA and creatine is great for your muscles to recover and give them the endurance they need to sustain heavy and hard workouts. Hugh supplemented on things just like this to take his physique to the next level.

So there you have it. Some tips on how you can achieve a body like The Wolverine. Remember, hard work and dedication are also part of the process. It took Hugh many months to work at this physique, possibly even half a year. So this wasn't something that happened over night. Take my advice though, train hard, eat well and maltadextrinon good products to bring out The Wolverine in you.

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