BODYPOWER 2015 Beckons : Some BIG Names In Attendance

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OK, so you’ve probably already heard that between the 15th and 17th of May, the largest consumer fitness exhibition in Europe is about to land in the UK for another year. Bodypower is a major fitness and nutrition event attracting tens of thousands of people worldwide, if you haven’t heard of it…where have you been!? If you’ve never been then you may have missed the boat this time, but be sure to look into going in 2016 if you like the idea of being around the biggest names in fitness, nutrition, Bodybuilding or Strongman (to name a few examples). Myself and Scott went to last year’s event and had an amazing time, Scott competed in the Bodybuilding comp against some of the top physiques in the country, and I networked with countless brands, athletes and fitness and nutrition ambassadors.


Who can you expect to see?

Think of the biggest names in the industry and then more some. The latest revelation is that the ‘immortal’ man of wrestling, 12 time Heavyweight World Champion, WWE and WCW Hall of Famer, the one, the only (have I built it up enough yet?)… the blonde haired beast himself… Huuuuulk Hoooooogan will be in attendance!!! Hulk Hogan will be teaming up with BPI Sports and spreading the fitness and strength message to all that attend. Add to this the one and only CT (Mutha F%&*£n) Fletcher, the man who has turned the fitness and motivation industry on its head with his incomparable intensity, endless training wisdom, world record setting past, and a repertoire of expletives that would make Gordan Ramsey seem tame!

Add Flex Lewis, Ben Pakulski, Dave Titterton, Dana Linn Bailey, Mike Rashid, those cheeky yet profoundly intelligent Hodge Twins, Jeff Seid, arguably the greatest Mr Olympia of all time and joint record title holder Mr Ronnie (light weight) Coleman, Fitness model legend Steve Cook, oh and not forgetting the all-round good guy, Gifted Nutrition owner and ambassador, and current Mr Olympia himself…Phil Heath!


What the day has in store

From the moment you enter the NEC arena in Birmingham you appreciate the scale of this event, stall after stall, fitness enthusiast after fitness enthusiast, supplement after supplement and merchandise absolutely everywhere! The day is as much an education as it is a bloody god day out, you can network, enjoy the sights, get lost in the music or get full on the food and booze… I mean protein shakes and pre- workouts! There are a multitude of events including Lorraine Pascale’s Healthy Eating Kitchen, The Beach Body area, British Weight Lifting, Parkour Gymnastics areas, Bodybuilding Pro and even The Academy, an opportunity to enhance your training and nutrition knowledge. Bring your camera and capture the spontaneous t-shirt and supplement giveaways that see shirts flying across the arena, sachets lobbed into the crowd and full size supplement tub giveaways (plus there are some incredible physiques/ figures on display too).


What brands will be there?

You can expect to see PhD Nutrition, USN, Grenade, Cellucor, BPI, Optimum Nutrition and many more on the day, so come in on an empty stomach because there’s loads to try!

Discount Supplements will be there, networking with our plethora of affiliates and brands, and we hope to see you there too! Have a good one!

Bodypower 2015


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