BodyPower 2016 Review

BodyPower… the UK’s Biggest Fitness event of the year was held at the NEC in Birmingham from 13th – 15th May 2016 and it proved to be a huge success on all accounts.

A huge turnout, stands stretching from one end to the other, top level speakers and athletes from around the globe…it’s safe to say that the BodyPower team put on quite a show.

Here’s a brief overview of the expo and if you've not been before, we’d certainly recommend you get yourself down there next year!

BodyPower 2016 Highlights: Names

This year was exceptional when it came to industry names being under one roof.

A big attraction to the Expo of course are the people that inspire us!

People queued up for HOURS to see certain people they know from the Olympia stage, magazines and social media - showing how much of an impact they have to many.

Just some of the names included:

  • Phil Heath
  • Kai Greene
  • Steve Cook
  • Ronnie Coleman
  • Flex Lewis
  • Ben Pakulski
  • CT Fletcher
  • Jamie Alderton
  • Phil Learney
  • Mark Coles
  • Paige Hathaway
  • Michelle Lewin
  • Dana Linn Bailey
  • Sergi Constance
  • Flex Wheeler
  • Eddie Hall
  • Kevin Levrone
  • Ryan Terry
  • Ricky Hatton
  • David Haye
  • Shaun Stafford

…plus many more!

BodyPower 2016 Highlights: The Speaker Sections

BodyPower provides not only inspiration from fitness stars but also a platform to educators and speakers who want to talk about their insights and experiences.

The main areas included; The Workout Arena, Girl Power, The Academy, Back to Basics, Healthy Eating Kitchen, Evolution of Bodybuilding and the BodyPower Gym.

Each of these areas featured speakers talking about various topics around training, eating, supplementation and motivation…in addition to open Q&A’s were people had the opportunity to ask their favourite experts burning questions face-to-face.

YouTube stars, industry leaders, science inspired educators, mind-set specialists…there was a great range of speakers to choose from over the 3 days, making it an ideal place for anybody to learn from the best and use on their own journey.

BodyPower 2016 Highlights: Friday Night Pro Show

On Friday night, the NEC was home to the Pro Show where top bodybuilders showed off their physiques for a placing.

Roelly Winklaar was the victor that night, placing 1st in front of a sell-out audience!

BodyPower 2016 Highlights: Pro Show Placings

  • 1st Place: Roelly Winklaar (Curacao)
  • 2nd Place: Nathan DeAsha (UK)
  • 3rd Place: Michael Kefalianos (Greece)
  • 4th Place: Ronny Rockel (Germany)
  • 5th Place: Paulo Almeida (Canada)
  • 6th Place: Daniel Toth (Hungary)

BodyPower 2016 Highlights: Exhibitor Stands

Sports Nutrition & Health products, gym equipment, clothing….companies from around the world showing off the latest and greatest products on the market today.

Freebies, awesome deals, BodyPower exclusives - there really was a lot on offer to people who came down to the expo.

BodyPower 2016 Review

BodyPower 2016 Overview

Although we’ve only skimmed the surface here, ultimately BodyPower 2016 provided a great place for like-minded people to meet and share time together, helping people in the community find other like-minded people.

There was inspiration from top level industry athletes, education from speakers, bodybuilding shows and meeting people from our favourite companies.

There really is something for everyone at BodyPower and one not to miss, roll on next year!

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  • Drew P.
    May 19, 2016 Drew P.

    I always try to get to Bodypower. It was a great show this year. Some good speakers.

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