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I have nothing against people that use steroids whatsoever but I'm also completely inexperienced in this field and this is why you won't see any posts on the matter. Having said that there are many things we can take from the drug but replicate it in a healthy way within your diet. What am I talking about exactly? Well, if you are looking to increase muscle size, strength and have more energy, then a good way of doing this is through increasing your growth hormone levels. Why should yo do this....


Boosting growth hormone can lead to bigger results out of the gym when your body is recovering and growing. Your body will naturally produce it's own growth hormone depending on the training you do, for instance lots of compound movements can help elevate these levels. In particular squats, deadlifts and bench press all help in this department. But what about food? Surely there are some foods out there that can help boost these levels too, you'd be correct in thinking that there are. Here are a bunch of foods that you can include into your diet to give you the extra boost you need...

Vitamin D

There is a direct link between males who are deficient in Vitamin D and low testosterone levels. Raw fish however such as sushi can seriously pick this number up so that you are feeling stronger. Exposure to sunlight and taking a vitamin D supplement will also help you to raise your hormone levels.

Get Some Sleep

During times of deep sleep your levels of HGH are elevated but for some of you it is hard to relax at night. Use a ZMA supplement to promote a better sleep and combine it with eating some pineapple an hour before bed. This fruit is packed full of serotonin which can relax you further into a deeper sleep. The more sleep you get the better your recovery will be ;)

Use L Arginine

Using L Arginine 30 minutes before your workout doesn't just increase your performance during it, but it can raise T levels pretty dramatically. Alternatively snacking on some soy beans will give you the same hit if you wanted a pre gym snack, again having this around 30 minutes before exercise.

Eat Beef

Red meat is so good for you and contains high amounts of protein and amino acids which can help synthesis L-Orthinine, a compound that raises your growth hormone by up to four times above baseline.


You should feel the effects of elevated HGH levels almost immediately when following the above which will then in time product better results for you. Don't forget to train heavy and perform compound lifts as this will help you to boost your HGH levels above normal

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