Boost Your Immune System With These 3 Supplements

A change in the weather can leave your body feeling run down because it is having to adapt to new temperatures. With the weather changing this week and it being slightly cooler you might notice a sniffle from yourself or others around you. Well, being the ones that want to look out for you, we simply can't have that can we. I mean, you need to train, continue to look good and feel great, but you can't do all of that if you are feeling under the weather. So below are three TOP supplements which you can take that will help support your immune system to fight any illness and keep you healthy!!

Immune System

We all know it is important to keep your immune system healthy and fighting fit so that you prevent yourself from picking up an illness. As you can see from the diagram below your immune system is responsible for preventing harm to your body and just about anything can do this.


Supplementing with around 10-20g of glutamine before bed is a sure fire way of keeping your immune system fired up. You are probably aware of the benefits of glutamine for your muscles but it also increases white blood cell production which targets unwanted/harmful bodies in your system. Of course you can use this at any point in the day but for me I would recommend you use it before you head off to sleep as much of your recovery takes place.


Yup, the smell of it is quite abrupt but the benefits of garlic for your immune system is really good. Garlic has some amazing benefits and that is because of the many compounds within it that can blast away many types of bacteria. Good news is that you don't have to ruin friendships with bad breath, as you can supplement with odourless garlic that gives the same awesome health benefits as regular stuff.

Vitamin E 

Many micro nutrients have amazing functions and Vitamin E is no different to all the rest. It is a popular choice amongst the vitamins due to it's powerful antioxidant make up which certainly acts as a great defense for your body. You want to protect your body from harmful things, then make sure you are getting in enough vitamin E. For men you should have around 4mg and women should aim for 3mg per day. Vitamin E in supplement form is great and easy however you can also make sure you get enough by eating foods such as green leafy veg, eggs, nuts, vegetable oil and so on.

Suffer No More

These three immune system buffers along with plenty of water and rest is going to help you feel lots better when under the weather. Make sure you get these stocked up and you take it easy when feeling ill, the best way out of everything is to make sure you get enough rest. Here's to no more feeling like rubbish and to speedier recoveries.

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