Breakfast of Champions by Gauri Chopra

The most important meal of the day? Our guest blogger today is Relfex Nutrition’s Gauri Chopra on the nutritional merits of breakfast…

I’m sure you will have heard the saying ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. However, what that breakfast consists of can have a huge impact on physical and mental health for the rest of the day!

Though I am an advocate of flexible dieting and know that nutrient timing falls way down the priority list for the average person, from experience (both personal and from clients,) a high protein meal upon waking can immensely improve food choices throughout the rest of the day. It will also help to control blood sugar levels - keep you feeling fuller for longer, more alert and experiencing fewer cravings. If you have a desk job, I’m sure that sounds like a dream!

That said, one of the most common excuses I hear as to why people skip breakfast is due to the lack of time. In which case I would highly recommend investing in a good quality protein powder not only for the health benefits, but for the sake of convenience! My standard protein powders of choice would be Reflex Nutrition’s Instant Whey Pro, or the Diet Protein for a range of reasons. The Diet Protein is slightly thicker in consistency as it contains flaxseed, making it great for mixing into porridge or using to cook high protein foods with. As a bonus, it also contains green tea extract, CLA, and L-Carnitine, which have all been shown to help boost metabolism and mobilise fat stores within the body. The Instant Whey Pro on the other hand is a lot thinner in consistency, so I find this works best as a shake, or blended into a smoothie! As with all of Reflex Nutrition’s protein powders, both contain four different types of friendly bacteria and digestive enzymes to help support gut health. Remember- without a healthy gut, you will be unable to absorb any of the great nutrients from the foods you eat. Fat loss also becomes extremely difficult!

If like me you need something a bit more filling than a simple protein shake in the morning, you can blend them into a nutritious smoothie. They’re, super quick to whip up, and you can drink them on your commute if you’re in a rush! That said, here’s one of my favourite go-to smoothie recipes that will leave you with no excuse to skip breakfast from now on!


1 or 2 handfuls of Oats
1 serving of Reflex Nutrition Instant Whey Pro (flavour of choice- my personal favourite is Banoffee!)
1 small banana
1 tbsp nut butter of choice (my personal favourite is almond butter!)
1 hand full of spinach (it won’t add any flavour, it’s just a great way of getting in a portion of those all essential veggies!)
200-400ml Water or milk of choice to preferred consistency (I like to use around 200ml unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk then fill the rest with water!)
*Tip exchange the whey/liquid for a Reflex Nutrition Protein Coffee for a good wake-up boost!


1. Place all ingredients into a blender
2. Whizz it up and you’re good to go!

• Packed with protein from the whey to support muscle maintenance and metabolism
• A good dose of heart healthy fats from the nuts for good brain function
• Fast and slow digesting carbohydrates from the oats
• Fiber, vitamins, and prebiotics from the spinach to support gut health whilst giving that slow and sustained energy release

Smoothie IngredientsBreakfast Smoothie

Affordable, convenient and nutritious. However you start your day, this is the perfect morning fuel to leave you feeling satisfied and ready to take on whatever you need without experiencing any energy crashes!

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