BSN Amino X Product Review

Before I start reviewing the amino acid blend of the year, BSN Amino X, I want to start off with a question:

If you wanted to minimise hunger pangs over the day, would you eat one large meal in the morning and be done with it, or consume small regular meals over the day?

Small regular meals right, because the ‘drip feed’ of nutrients and the act of eating itself keeps hormone levels such as leptin and CCK in check, as well as keeping energy levels topped up.

In which case, why would we expect our poor muscles to be any different when training?

Would you expect a large meal in the morning or lunch to suffice for a gym session in the evening, or would you prefer a consistent drip feed of amino acids for your muscle to replen with during the stress of exercise?

Despite being fundamentally the same i.e. amino acids are building blocks of protein, amino acids and Whey protein differ slightly. Whey protein is a rapidly absorbed source of protein ideal for immediately after strenuous physical activity boosting muscle replenishment, repair and growth!

Amino acids work differently. When consumed within an hour before your training session, the amino acids drip feed the muscle in turn staving off catabolism (muscle breakdown).

So what of Amino X? Well it delivers all 3 BCAA’s Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, around 10g in fact, which the International Society of Sports Nutrition deems to be the main type of amino acids supporting muscle growth.
It is an effervescent powder, meaning it fizzes and dissolves well, with added L- Alanine and Taurine which provides a stimulatory effect as well as aiding energy levels. All of these ingredients come in a micronised form too meaning you get an extra fine powder, and readily absorbed liquid.

BSN have also added 500IU of Vitamin D which is 125% of your RDA as well as 160mg of sodium to optimise electrolyte levels. The benefit of adding all this is that you get a supplement with key ingredients that complement one another i.e. the Vit D is needed for the absorption of key minerals such as Calcium and Phosphorus which both aid bone density as well as boosting mood….Strong bones are integral, and after all…they do anchor our muscles, so they need to be strong!

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