BSN Fly High : BSN Sponsored Athlete Camille Leblanc- Bazinet Is Crowned Fittest Women On Earth

There can be few better feelings than when the athlete you sponsor, and have placed so much faith in comes good…well, that’s exactly what happened for BSN this weekend. Previously of BSN, fittest athlete on the planet Rich Froning has recently moved on from BSN for whatever reason, but he has just regained his ‘fittest alive’ status by winning the Crossfit Games 2014 for the 4th consecutive time. Whatever it is BSN do, they seem to be doing it right with now the fittest man AND women on earth coming through their ranks.

Complete supplement range

The sign of a top brand is the diversity and specificity of their products. Many brands release too many products in the hope of selling more, whereas BSN keep their product range concise in order to focus their attention on the supplements that count. From a training perspective, you want to maximise the energy stores leading up to your session/ match, optimise energy delivery during, and augment the body’s capacity to replace energy stores after. Similarly, one should aim to optimise protein stores prior to exercise, as well as maximise the amount of amino acids available to the muscles during exercise, and of course fully exploit the anabolic window of opportunity for growth that immediately follows an intense training session or match. So in order to tick every box for all of the above, BSN deliver the following:

Energy & Endurance

BSN are not an out and out endurance brand, but they do appreciate the importance of sustained exercise capacity, so they address this via indirect means of energy delivery. Your carbohydrate intake and glycogen stores should be addressed via your diet, but the internal delivery of energy can be significantly enhanced by supplements such as Endorush, this delivers stimulants and vasodilators that work to widen blood vessels in order to improve oxygen and glucose to the working muscles, brain and other organs. Another product that provides the vasodilatory effects, the mental stimulation, and the buffering capabilities of Endorush is the legendary NO- Xplode. On top of this, it is able to enhance endurance by buffering hydrogen ions in the blood via the revolutionary Beta- alanine. Furthermore BSN do an amino acid in the form of Amino X, and aside from an amino acids ability to sustain muscle integrity, minimise muscle breakdown (catabolism) over the course of a day, AND to optimise anabolism AKA growth…amino acids might also be glucose sparing. Sparing glucose means energy supplies stay topped up for longer, helping you to train harder for longer!

Growth & Recovery

As much as Amino X supports energy and endurance, its primary role is to support muscle growth, and in particular, minimising muscle breakdown over the course of a day. Providing the body with a drip feed of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, an amino acid supplement keeps you going during the day, before a training session or game, AND after an intense session that has placed strain on the muscle. Couple this with the anabolic (growth) properties of BSN’s Syntha 6 for a high quality, delicious whey protein blend and you have a supplement regime that covers every eventuality. Sometimes calories is all that is missing in someone’s diet, quite often people struggle to get the requisite number of calories needed in order to induce growth from their diet alone. Protein can also be an expensive commodity when sourced through the diet alone…enter BSN’s True Mass. True mass 1200 can provide up to 1200kcal a serving as well as 50g protein in order to promote a calorie surplus to encourage growth, and the protein to sustain lean mass.

We’re not saying BSN will make you the ‘fittest on earth’ like Camille, but it sure will help you to fulfil your potential. The higher you get, the harder it is to find that edge…BSN can help you with that one.

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