BSN N.O.-Xplode Product Review

It’s time for another product review! This time we’re looking at the extremely popular BSN N.O.-Xplode Pre workout.

This product has been reformulated and repackaged to provide you with the best training experience possible derived from its potent formula.

One of the huge benefits of this pre-workout is that it also contains 1.5g of creatine per serving. Not every pre-workout product contains creatine, which in most cases means customers would have to purchase additional creatine separately and mix it in with their pre-workout.

The performance enhancements that you get from creatine in terms of strength and power have been proven across many studies.


I used this product before my back workout on an empty stomach, as I tend to train fasted if I am training early in the morning simply for convenience and to avoid any digestive issues.

I found that the moderate dose of caffeine (150mg per serving) was fairly low for what I’m used to taking, however I feel that when combined with the other ingredients that this product contains it was more than enough to keep me focused and to keep my energy levels high and sustained throughout my workout.

Additionally, I found that the 1.3g of beta alanine definitely gave me that tingling sensation in my face and across my lower back, which I love when I’m training as it helps me get in the zone.


As I mentioned in the YouTube video, the taste of this product is fantastic! I was given the Fruit Punch flavour to try, which tastes like sour sweets.

Often pre-workout products make up for in performance for what they lack in taste, but not with this product. They have put as much effort into ensuring it tastes great whilst also performing well.



This warning is no joke, you should proceed with caution if you’re attempting to shake this product when mixing.

This pre-workout is carbonated, meaning that it has a tendency to pop the top off your shaker if you shake it too aggressively.

I would recommend using a spoon and stirring this product, as it is a very fine powder and mixes very well with no clumps.

Check out my video review below:


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