Build Bigger Arms Torching Your Triceps

Is a goal of yours to add mass to your arms but struggle to notice any change through your current exercise plan? Do you focus heavily on working your biceps and neglect your triceps? Did you know that the arm is made of 3 parts triceps and only 2 parts biceps, so the emphasis should be placed on the triceps to give the illusion your arm is big. So here is my guide on how to build bigger arms by focusing on the tricep muscles around the arm...

The Triceps

The triceps brachii muscle which is Latin for three headed arm muscle is located on the back, upper part of the arm and is responsible for extending the elbow joint. The muscle is made up of three muscles, the long head, lateral head and medial head. You can see from the picture below where each muscle is situated and how you can work them.

Secondary Muscle

Just like your biceps work as a secondary muscle when you exercise your back, the triceps assist you when you are performing a push movement. These muscles will help you when you are exercising your chest and shoulder muscles. However, again just like the biceps it isn't enough to work them as a secondary muscle and they need to stimulated in a session of their own. So guess what is coming up, you guessed it right, your very own tricep workout which focuses on all three heads. Let's do this...

The Workout Explained

You are going to work your tricep muscles through weighted isolation exercises which will focus on growth and increased lean muscle mass. Perform sets of 3-4, reps of 8-12 and perform a drop set on every final set of that exercise to seriously burn the muscle out.

The Exercises

Weighted Dips - Either perform body weight or use a dumbbell/weighted plate and dip keeping the elbows in. A small tip is to lean back slightly when you dip so all the emphasis is on the triceps and not on the chest.

SkullCrushers - Lay on your back on the bench and perform this exercise using a EZ bar. Whilst on your back hold the bar above your head and flex from the elbows. Lower the bar towards your head and just before it touches push it back up to its original position.

Rope Pulldowns - Using a cable machine attach a rope and stand infront of it. Hold onto the rope and keep your elbows close to your side while bring the rope down to your waist, when you pull the rope split it and return it to the original position.

UnderHand Grip Pulldown - Same stance as the last exercise but this time replacing the rope with a bar. Adopt an under hand grip and pull the bar down to your waist, be sure to flex the arm when you pull the bar down.

Final Tips

Whenever you workout it is absolutely key that you make sure you are telling the mind what you are doing. The mind and muscle connection you can have during a workout is what sets it a part from the other workouts you see. Stay engaged and remain focused when you enter into your workout. Remember, this is no playtime stuff and in order for you to notice a difference you need to take it seriously. Don't forget your drop sets at the end of each 4th set and be sure to have your whey protein shake on you so that the protein can get to work straight away, rebuilding those horseshoes bigger and better than ever before ;)


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