Build Your Pecs With These Three Moves

For us men we want to have a good chest and for you ladies, you like to look and admire a good one I am sure. The pectoral muscles as they are formerly known by give the upper torso a great look and it is something to be proud of when you are strutting yourself along the beach on holiday. Summer is approaching but time hasn't run out yet so here are 3 simple moves which is going to improve your chest muscles. Prepare for operation chest explosion and a noticeable difference in your physique starting with your first exercise I want you to perform

The Bench Press

The biggest compound move that is the bench press which is widely performed across the globe, usually on a Monday funnily enough is the 'Go To' exercise for building a good chest. Racking up some heavy weight on here is certainly going to develop it and increase it's overall size. TOP TIP : Make sure when you are lowering the bar you are flaring your elbows as much as possible so that you create more of a stretch in the chest. FEAR NOT, if you suffer with tight shoulders and you need an alternative, the decline bench is great and will work your chest to its max!

Incline Dumbbell Press 

Flat bench or the Decline bench press will take care of your mid and lower part of your chest but you mustn't neglect your upper part to give it that full look. Working your upper chest helps develop the overall look of your chest and it also means that when you are wearing different tops it will stick out and be noticed. This is a good thing, so let's get to work on your upper chest development. The best way to do this is by using dumbbells on a slight incline bench and using similar technique to your flat bench. Through every rep flare your elbows out to the side to maximise the stress on the chest muscles and make sure you are pushing from the upper part of your chest.

Weighted Dips

The final exercise of the trio chest busting moves is performing weighted dips which is going to maximise work on the outside of your chest region. So this is focusing mostly on your pectoral minor which is going to help give you a bit more width across your chest. If you can attach a weight to you when doing this exercise it is going to greatly increase the rate at which your muscles are working. More muscle breakdown means a greater stress on your body, so make sure you are using a whey protein to help with recovery.


So there you have my top three moves for building a better and bigger set of chest muscles. If you aren't performing these exercises it is time to make the switch and include them into your workouts. One final tip is if your chest is a lagging muscle group which you struggle to grow, try to get an extra workout of chest in per week which maximises growth. Give it a try and let me know what you think :)


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