What You Need To Do To Build 'Super Saiyin' Strength...


Dragonball Z fans will know what I am talking about in regards to 'super saiyin' strength, for everyone else, it's the switch from feeling great to phenomenal. Muscles and strength doesn't just come from lifting heavy ass weights, there are a few things you need to know and do every day to achieve this. We are soon approaching bulking season when we forget about abs and focus more on strength and mass so that next year we can look bigger and stronger than this one. Here is what I think you need to achieve this goal...

Big Lifts

To build strength and mass you need to stop curling in the squat rack and start squatting which will release growth hormone like no other exercise. Full range of movement exercises where you are not slacking on any exercise which gives you every possible chance of achieving your goal. This means your squats are performed taking that ass to the ground and pushing back up. Your deadlifts touch the floor and your bench doesn't bounce off your chest. Lifting heavy doesn't mean you have to turn into an ego lifter, choose the appropriate weight for you, test yourself and give it everything you have got.

Re - Charge Your Batteries

Each time you workout your muscles break down but leave knots which will effect later workouts if you do not do something about them. What you need to do is simple yet it can be very painful, so keep the squealing to a minimum especially when in a public place. It is a good idea to invest in using a foam roller to iron out any clogged up areas so that when you next exercise these muscles they can contract better and ultimately your workout is more efficient. Finally, a foam roller can seriously reduce doms (delayed onset muscle soreness) which is a horrible feeling you want to avoid having.

Eat Big To Get Big 

In order to build a strong, muscular physique you have to eat calories and make sure you get enough of them daily. It is no good having one big day and then skimping out on the rest. You have to remain consistent when it comes to eating and this means getting those calories up through meals and protein shakes even when you don't feel like it. I remember reading about Hugh Jackman when he was filming for Wolverine and he said on some occasions he would literally have to force feed his last meal, just to get those last 400-500 calories which will make the difference. Eating also helps the recovery process further so make sure you get enough for your body type and keep it healthy!

Count Sheep

Sleep is not just important for the recovery of your brain, but it also ensures your body recovers properly. You don't grow when you are in the gym, you grow when you sleep and rest. Giving yourself 8 hours a night of sleep is crucial when it comes to repairing your body. When you enter a deep sleep your body will also release growth hormone that allows you to grow bigger. Neglecting sleep is like not consuming enough protein for the day, silly! Be smart, ignore social media devices 30 minutes before bed and pop some ZMA caps if you are really struggling to nod off, they are packed full of zinc and magnesium which helps release melatonin.

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