On A Bulk? Increase Your Insulin Naturally To See Those Gains!


Just a little (but hopefully useful) post on the importance of the most anabolic hormone in the body…Insulin! Mention insulin and many people will be forgiven for conjuring images of insulin needles, carbohydrates and Diabetes, however there is far more to this integral hormone than that.

Insulin acts like a key that unlocks bodily tissue such as your organs and muscle so that it can take glucose into the cell for energy. This is one of insulin’s main functions, but by no means is it the only function, it also unlocks muscle so that amino acids can enter for growth, recovery and energy. So if the key to getting energy and amino acids into muscle is insulin, then it shouldn’t be a surprise to know that this hormone is also integral to promoting overall growth! In order to utilise this hormone naturally, look to consume approx. 10-15g of carbs (Optimum Health Ultimate Carbs is ideal) along with your post workout protein shake to further spike blood sugar levels, and in turn spike insulin! Granted, many will argue that protein/ amino acids are insulinogenic (spike insulin) themselves, which they are, but in order to induce a sustained insulin spike you need to deliver glucose too.

So when you’re looking to increase overall muscle size and bulk DO NOT be afraid of carbohydrates, pair them up with protein and BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) for best results.

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