Adding size can be pretty tough for many of us.

Have a quick read of this ‘Back to Basics’ post and see if there’s anything you can take away…


Are you actually eating enough calories???

When it comes to gaining size, the body is going to respond best when it’s got a surplus of calories...if it doesn’t have enough calories, it’s going to be less prone to building muscle.

After all, building muscle requires a LOT of energy (calories) for the body...if it doesn’t have plenty of them do you think it’s going to be more or less likely to build muscle?

Ideally you want most of your calories from good quality, nutrient dense food.

To get in some more calories, add in more calories by using a high quality gainer…

One we’ve been looking more into recently is the Optimum Health Ultimate Gainer, plenty of quality calories and great value for money...check it out here


Big lifts (done right) are one of the best tools in your toolkit to stimulate the body for growth...are you doing pull ups, deadlifts, squats, bench press???

When you push yourself with these exercises you’re going to know about it!

When the body is being pushed to its max, chances are it’s going to want to grow and provided you’re giving it the nutrients it needs you’re going to promoting growth.


Time Scale

Lastly, how much time are you allowing for results?

Many people work out for a few weeks and expect HUGE results, whilst it’s true we can decent results in a few weeks...once we’ve been working out a while it really does take time to get quality gains.

Don’t think in terms of days and weeks but more in terms of months and series of months...the body needs time to grow.

If you focus on having good workout after good workout you’re going to be on the right track, a bad workout here and there although not ideal isn’t the end of the world...just get that trend in the right direction!


Have a good think about all of these aspects and be honest with yourself.

Find which area needs improvement and focus there and before you know it you’ll be making progress and over time that equals big results!

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