Why The ‘Bulking Diet’ Shouldn’t Be An Excuse For Junk

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Calories are the currency for gaining size, it is as simple and as complex as that. It is no secret that a diet of pizza, burgers and milkshakes will deliver an abundance of calories and no doubt support weight gain. However, if you are someone that struggles to gain weight and wants to up their total calorie intake the easiest way possible, then a takeaway styled diet is not the one.

Healthy weight gain

Form good eating habits by endeavouring to feed your body the right types of food when trying to gain weight. If you are an elderly person in their 80’s or 90’s then filling yourself full of fat and sugar laden foods may not be the ideal, but the long term damaging effects of poor nutrition may not manifest themselves for decades, therefore minimising weight loss is the primary goal. If however you are a young person wanting to go on to live a fit, healthy and prosperous life then the indiscriminate scoffing of doughnuts, cheeseburgers and takeaway food will NOT put you in good stead for the future.

I can’t gain weight even when eating ‘crap’!

Well this is where healthy eating and, in particular nutrition supplements come in! The difficulty many people have with gaining weight is that they cannot manage to consume the sheer volume of food needed to sustain their elevated energy requirements either through a high metabolism, physical activity or poorly structured, empty calorie nutrition.

A whey protein supplement or a Weight Gainer may be the additional calories and protein needed to boost your weight gain and muscle building goals. An average weight gainer supplement can deliver the same number of calories and protein as a large roast dinner but in easy to consume liquid form!

There is no ‘magic pill’, in order to increase weight there has to be a flow of good quality calories, therefor the above supplements are what many people need to fill those nutrition and calorie gaps many struggle to hit.

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