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Yes, you read the title correctly. Even though it's bulking season we should still continue to work our core muscles as best as we can. Recently I have written a post about working these muscles through compound movements which you should do weekly. Are there any other ways however in which you can work these muscles? Yes there are! There are many exercises you can perform which will work your core muscles outside of the well known compound moves.

Avoid The Bench

If you are looking to gain some mass this winter and keep a trim mid section you obviously need to keep track of what you are eating, but you also need to check your training. Since we are focusing on the latter and not the former, I will save the nutrition side of things for another post, stay tuned for that one. One thing you should look at doing is seeing how often you use a bench to perform your exercises, because this can affect the rate at which your core muscles are worked.

Stand Up

You might think how can you possibly perform your exercises if you aren't seated on a bench? Well, I tend to perform many of my exercises standing especially when I am training muscle groups like shoulders, back, legs and arms. I train these muscles groups standing for the most part so that I also work my core muscles and give them a workout without having to do endless crunches. I know what you are thinking though, what about when you train chest and you need to use a bench, what then? Give this one a go...


Ever used a swissball before other than training you mid section? Well, these bad boys can be used for all muscle groups but one in particular is chest where you will really feel it work the core too. You can perform incline, normal chest presses on a swissball and it will work much more than just your chest muscles. After you presses you can then go into your chest flies and other exercises knowing by this point you will have worked the core muscles hard.

Stay In Shape

If you care about how  your mid section looks when you are bulking then you should stick to the above so that when spring hits, you haven't got as much work to do. This sets you up perfectly for when you come to shred a little in the spring and summer months next year without all the hassle of dieting early. It also means you don't need to do copious amounts of cardiovascular exercise that can also stress you out

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