Burn More Fat ... Night – Time Whey Or Casein Protein Seen To Increase Resting Energy Expenditure

An article published this month in the British Journal of Nutrition found that the metabolic measurements taken the morning after the consumption of night-time whey and casein protein, saw an increase in resting energy expenditure (calories burnt whilst at rest)…this even included Carbohydrate! The whey, casein and carbs were seen to elicit favourable effects on the next-morning metabolism compared to active young men who received a placebo (a beverage designed to convince them that they’d received the protein etc, when actually they hadn’t).

Moderation is the key, particularly for Carbs. The safest bet is to opt for a casein protein shake or 250g of cottage cheese, this will reduce the insulinogenic effect thus reducing the likelihood of unwanted fat storage.


Madzima, T, A., Panton, L, B., Fretti, S, K. et al. (2013). Night-time consumption of protein or carbohydrate results in increased morning resting energy expenditure in active college-aged men. British Journal of Nutrition. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S000711451300192X Published online by Cambridge University Press 17 June 2013.


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