Calcium : Make Sure Your Bones Are Strong Anchors For Your Muscles

People forget that your muscles are only ever as strong as your bones, they also forget that your bones serve as anchors for your muscles to work against. When you run or lift heavy weights your muscles contract, shorten and lengthen to allow movement, and without the bones to pull on there will be no movement.

Ensure you get enough Calcium in from your diet from an early age. Calcium reduces the risk of bone degenerative conditions such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Your body is most receptive to Calcium, and most able to grow in strength up to the age of 25, so it’s pertinent that we get enough in from an early age, especially if you’re female.

Calcium rich foods such as milk, dairy and green leafy veg are great options for laying down plenty of calcium, as well as maximising bone mineral density. As a rule you should aim to consume a minimum of 1,000mg of calcium daily, and 1,300mg for younger athletes age 9 to 18, and 1,200mg for adults over 50).

A great rule of thumb for working out how much calcium a food contains is to look at the daily percent value for calcium the food delivers, and simply add a zero to it. For example if a food delivers 20% of your daily value then you can surmise that it provides you with 250mg of calcium per serving.


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