How Many Calories Did You Drink In Alcohol Last Night?

Do you know how many units and calories are in the alcohol you are drinking? I realise most of you don't want to know. But here at Discount Supplements we want you to achieve your health and fitness goals knowing exactly what you are putting into your body. The following facts come from DrinkAware who are an independent charity in the UK responsible for giving you up to date information on alcohol. Of course, it is good to socialise with friends and this often means having one or two alcoholic beverages. We aren't saying not to do this, but here is an insight to what you could be consuming when you have a 'binge'.

Let's have a look at what 1 alcoholic beverage contains. 1 Alcoholic drink may not seem like a lot, but total up the amount of drinks you have (that you can remember) from the night, and you could be having a total of 2000-3000 calories!?



1 Pint of Carling = 2.3 UNITS and 187 Calories.


Small glass of White Wine = 1.6 UNITS and 92 Calories.


1 Small glass of Champagne = 1.5 UNITS and 93 Calories.


1 WKD = 1.1 UNITS and 184 Calories.


1 Pint of Strongbow = 2.8 UNITS and 199 Calories.


1 25ml Smirnoff Vodka = 0.9 UNITS and 52 Calories.

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