Calories & Hormones : The Two Pronged Attack For Gaining Mass

Gaining mass and bulk is a multi-faceted thing, it’s not the one way calorie street that everybody thinks it is. Yes, calories are the main medium for gaining mass, and there are various ways of getting calories down you, but it doesn't end at calories alone! The ingestion of calorific foods is the main way to enter the positive energy balance needed to gain weight, but as many of you know, it can be difficult to consume enough whole food to put you in a calorie surplus to requirements.

This is where supplements come in…a supplement is designed to ‘add’ to your habitual intake i.e. add more to your normal intake. One of the best ways to increase your calorie intake without making you uncomfortable is to ingest a calorie dense liquid source of nutrition. Consider a mass/weight gainer supplement such as Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass or Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass to help you on your way.

As important as calories are to your weight gaining targets, you must not overlook the part that hormones have to play. So in order to meet your mass gaining goals in the shortest period of time possible, get a testosterone optimiser into your diet and see how you get on. Testosterone is an anabolic (muscle building) hormone, and levels naturally decrease the older we get, especially from 50 years upwards. Consider PhD Nutrition Methoxy 7 Test or Axis Labs Endo Shield.

When mass gaining, don’t forget to initiate a two pronged attack…Calories and hormones.  

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