Calves Lagging? Do You Need The Boyer Coe Calf Shoe!?


Ummm, no, no you don’t need this shoe. For one its social suicide, and two, there are literally millions of people with amazing calves who’d most likely think a Boyer Coe Calf Shoe is an item of footwear worn by a fashion conscious baby cow! In other words, whether these items have any scientific standing or not (which they actually do by the way), fact is ain’t no one these days, worth anything in the bodybuilding industry wearing them at the moment (at least not to my knowledge)!


Credit where credit’s due

Now by no means am I meaning to slate what is in fairness, a logical and quite useful invention, I respect the chap for his innovation and obvious bodybuilding talents. However, in order for a concept to take off people need to feel comfortable applying it, and what is effectively a reverse high heel shoe doesn’t seem to have hit the mark! This is a piece of ‘fitness equipment’ that might work for some, the enhanced calf innovation from walking on your toes should stimulate muscle growth.

Calves are stubborn!

If you consider the burden your calves have to endure over the course of a day, then it must come as a surprise to many that our calves aren’t bigger than they are! The thing is, our calves are programmed to be extremely resilient body parts because of the load they bear, so in order to make them grow you’ve got to hit them, and hit them hard but yet sensibly. In fairness, some people struggle to grow their calves no matter how much training they do, they are a troublesome body part for many people out there, not least of all for the most famous bodybuilder of all…Arnold Schwarzenegger! However, some lucky individuals have a natural affinity to growing large, bulbous calf muscles because it’s simply written in their DNA. Genetics may dictate that you have a lot of nerve innovation in your calves resulting in a lower incidence of growth, because of a more efficient contraction. Conversely, some people’s calves have less nerve endings AND a walking gait that naturally promotes muscle hypertrophy in that area…these people are on a winner when it comes to calf development. One of the main reasons calves take longer to grow compared to your arms or chest (for example) is the distance they are from your heart. In order to stimulate a body part to grow we need to increase blood perfusion to that area, and the further they are from the heart, the harder it is to obtain a pump and invoke growth.

The theory behind the Boyer Coe Calf Shoe is a good one, the theory is solid and the application achievable…however, so too is the ‘Ear enhancer’, an invention that basically attaches two large salad bowls to your ears…great in theory, but never took off. The ‘Metro chin stick’ was also very practical and worked really well…however, failed to take off. And last but not least the ingenious ‘Banana slipcase’, saving office workers, builders and secretaries from bruised bananas around the world…but the looks you get from the imaginative IT team in the office heavily outweigh the benefit!

Short and fast of it is this, do whatever it is you want to…no bodies opinion matters but your own. By all means wear the Boyer Coe Calf Shoe around the house, but expect some inquisitive looks should you venture outside in them! My opinion, take a read of this little post on how best to hit your calves from all angles, and in turn, encourage them to GROWWWW!


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