The Captain America 2 Workout : Winter Soldier Activated

It isn't long until the sequel to Captain America is out in cinemas and Chris Evans is showing how he can kick some serious butt in the new movie, Winter Soldier. There is already lots of fan art, blogs and movie posters being released on the internet for the run up to this incredible movie. Chris Evans plays Steve Rodgers and if you can remember what he was like in the first movie, you will remember an aesthetic, muscular physique which looked awesome! It is fair to say he is my favourite superhero (yes I love Marvel characters) and here is my Cap workout which is going to have you thinking you are a superhero ;)

What Chris Evans Has To Say About It All

So you'd think Chris would be excited about filming and getting into shape for his re appearing role as Captain America right? Well, this is what he actually had to say about it all at Toronto International Film Festival last year. '' I'm dreading it (the physical transformation), this is what I keep thinking. We start Cap 2 in March so come January I have to get back into that routine. All I'm thinking about is the future movies, like 'god, how am I going to keep getting big', it's such a chore. I hate to admit it but it's not easy (laughs). It's months and months of lifting heavy stuff and...not looking forward to it. But, it's worth it because I am happy with the movies and I do love the character so come January, my life is going to be different. It's such a commitment, top-to-bottom, its not just lifting, sleep is important, your diet is important. It's a complete commitment but what am I saying, it's good problems to have. "Ugh, it's just so difficult, I'd much rather be in the coal mines" (laughs).

The Cap Physique

So for all of you who maybe didn't watch the first movie or have simply forgotten what his physique looked like.... Here is a picture to jog your memory when he comes out of the transformation booth...


The Workout

Captain America is very functional and as you can see from the trailers to the new movie he is jumping out of planes, fighting bad guys and is constantly on the go throughout. What it takes to become something similar to the physique he shows off in the movies is through performing certain, basic lifts which work your body to the max. Other exercises and different rep ranges are going to be thrown in too so that you are feeling physically fit and not just a lump of muscle meat ;) Here it is, your very own Captain America workout...

Ready... Set... LIFT!! 

Exercise 1) - Wide Grip Pull Ups - Perform this exercise as wide as you can so it really hits your lats which will give you the V taper width that Captain America has. A wide back gives the illusion in some cases you are bigger than what you actually are.

Exercise 2) - Bench Press - One of the most favourable exercises in the gym is the bench press which works your chest muscles. To get a good chest you need to perform the bench press which is going to increase strength, tone and mass on your frame.

Exercise 3) - Squat - We go from one of the more fun exercises to one of the hardest, the squat! Cap has strong powerful legs and in order to do half the things he does, you must make sure you have a solid foundation!

Exercise 4) - Shoulder press - Build those rock and boulders that could carry the world if you had to. Performing a military shoulder press is going to give you great shape.

Exercise 5) - Lunge - Work those glutes by lunging through your routine, forwards and backwards. Use either dumbbells or an olympic bar for this one.

Exercise 6 ) Dips - Get yourself back to where you did your pull ups and get reppin' some dips to work those triceps.

Exercise 7) - Bicep 21's - Cap has some great arms so get the barbells out and perform 3 rounds of 7 reps by changing the position you lift the bar. Try going from bottom to middle for 7, middle to top for 7 and then 7 full reps.

Exercise 8) - Hanging Leg Raises - You can't have a great bottom and top half with non existent ab muscles. Hang from a bar and perform leg raises which will work your stomach and in particular the lower parts.

Reps, Sets and Rest Times

I recommend performing these exercises using heavy weights and going for 8-12 reps with 60 - 90 seconds rest. Perform 3-4 sets and try to incorporate different versions of sets like drop sets, pyramid sets, supersets etc. Keep mixing it up as best as you can so that you keep your body guessing. The last thing you want to do is plateau so make sure you are also using the right supplementation to gain your best Captain America physique yet...


It comes as no surprise that when you start exercising and including large compound moves into your routine you will need to make sure you supplement with TWO staples. These are protein and BCAAs which are important, necessary nutrients for your muscles so they can grow, adapt and become stronger. These two supplements alone will get you the Captain America physique and it will be no secret Chris will be using these also to develop his. Do not neglect your healthy, balanced diet however, what you eat is fuel for your workouts and how you look.

Now, what are you waiting for.... Get out there and help save the world Winter Soldier!! ;)

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