Cardio Before Or After Your Weight Session??


A topic which causes confusion and will likely have a never ending conflict is when you should perform your cardio when also hitting the iron in the same session. Do you do your cardio before your weights workout or after? Is there any reason why it would be best to have specific times doing cardiovascular exercise around your weights? Well, let's explore this a little further and hopefully I can explain what I think is best in this scenario.

Weight Sessions

We all know that weight sessions burn a lot more calories than cardio sessions (for the most part) and will get your body using a lot more muscles. We also know that again, weight sessions use up more units of energy (calories) and require more glycogen stores to be able to perform certain lifts. For instance, squats, deadlifts, overhead press, bench etc are extreme lifts which means you need to be fresh in order to get the most out of the exercise.

Cardio Sessions

These types of sessions are great to increase fitness and burn body fat but like I have mentioned above, you will burn more body fat during a weights session than a cardio one. However, this type of training is still important especially when looking to shred and trim for a competition, holiday or general well being. I'm a big fan of cardio but I believe this should be performed after your weight session to benefit most from your workout.

Fasted Cardio

One way of separating your cardio from your weight sessions is to perform fasted cardio in the mornings. This means doing your cardio away from your weights sessions and hitting it when you rise. I would recommend using a bcaa drink when you are training in this state to minimise muscle wastage.

Cardio After 

I personally don't see a problem in doing your cardio sessions after a weight session because you will have maxed out in your workout where you need to. You will see the biggest results and changes in your body when you are lifting weights and not relying on cardio. Performing a run, cycling, rowing after a weight session is still going to help you achieve your goal without impacting on everything else.


When performing cardio sip bcaas so that you protect your muscles and don't ruin the hardwork you have put in. Cardio is great to do when you are feeling sore and need to aid in recovery, especially after a leg day and need your legs back!

Hopefully this helps you and you start to see some better results when saving your cardio for after your weight sessions or performing them separately. Enjoy :)

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