Changing Your Body Composition : It’s A Dynamic Process

Changing body composition is a dynamic process. In changing one factor on the ‘energy in’ (calories we consume) side of the equation, we also effect things on the ‘energy out’ (calories we burn) side of things. This is to do with your calorie composition…

The composition of the calories you consume will determine the way they are processed, the rate they are processed, and the way they are used. The calories we consume come in the form of different macronutrients, these include carbs, protein and fat, and for some people, alcohol. Alcohol is per gram, higher in calories than both protein (4kcal) and carbs (4kcal), second only to fat which delivers 9kcal per gram. Alcohol requires no digestion and is thus empty calories that pretty much go straight to your mid-section! Protein requires more energy to breakdown than both fat and carbs, this means we burn more calories during the digestive process. Food exerts a thermic effect on the body which elevates temperature and metabolic rate (rate of burning calories), and protein produces the highest thermic effect.

So increase the protein content of your diet in order to help burn more calories and change your body composition. The more carbs and fat you consume the more likely you are to store body fat. Protein increases your muscle to fat ratio and makes you feel fuller helping you on your way to a lean, relative fat free physique/figure.

Protein in the form of whole food or a shake is a great addition to your current diet.



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