To Cheat Or Not To Cheat?


To begin with I am still talking about exercise and not relationships just so you know you aren't about to read on with my views on your sex life. I must also add I don't believe in cheating in everyday life but during exercise however, could there be a place for it? This may seem like a conflicting article compared to others I have recently written about which ultimately informs you of how you need to keep strict and good form in order to change your body. Well, as the fitness industry constantly evolves, new ideas are thought of and created to help you.

Cheating repetitions is the topic of discussion here. I am not talking about cheating by not going to the gym, or skipping out an exercise or by means of anything else you can think of. The only effective way you can possibly cheat in the gym or in any exercise you are performing is to relax on technique slightly. It is important for me to stress at this point I am not saying you should perform the exercise whereby you could cause serious injury to yourself. The last thing I want you to do is now not care what your technique is like and go out and injure yourself for the sake of lifting a slightly heavier weight. Remember, this isn't just a gym based article. You can apply this method of training to most sports and other exercises such as running, cycling and swimming. For instance to increase your sprinting ability you may perform plyometric training or for increased swimming ability you might perform core work. For both of these training methods the basic principles still apply which means you must exercise safely or otherwise you will injure yourself. It might not happen in your first session but it could happen in your fifth, so please be careful and exercise with caution.

With the above being said, I personally feel there is scope to add an additional one or two cheat reps on top of your set if you feel like you can either push more weight or you feel as though you aren't going to make the desired rep range. If you feel as though you aren't going to make your desired rep range by cheating you incorporate a few extra muscles to help you complete the rep and the set. On most exercises you perform you can include a cheat rep, but why would you want to do it? Well, I will hold my hands up and be the first to admit that over the years I have been training, and training my clients, I have included cheat reps so that we reach the next level. Exercises where I have found this has really helped me and been useful is when performing a cable row (working the back muscles and the biceps as a secondary muscle) and working the bicep muscles. There are obviously other muscle groups where you can cheat, for instance on a squat you can just perform partial reps to reach your rep range and the same principle can be applied when you perform a bench press. So when performing a cable row you might find yourself falling short of repetitions when you start to tire. So with some control you can use your back muscles as momentum to complete the last few reps and complete the set. The same cheat method can be applied while performing a standing bicep curl where you reach your last couple of reps and use the back slightly to help you finish the set.

Remember this style of training only applies if you are injury free and are happy to push yourself further. Do not perform this if you are new to training or aren't really sure on what is good technique. If you need further help then please get in touch with myself.

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