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The 2014 Arnold Sports Festival commences February 27 - March 2 2014 in Columbus Ohio. Hosted by the one and only Austrian, this is a tremendous event which brings lots of competitors, fans and athletes under one roof.  I haven't been but the spectacle is meant to be just ass great, if not better than our very own BodyPower Exhibition in the UK. There will be lots of stalls and sponsored athletes representing their supplement brand which is helping them keep in great shape. I know what you are thinking, but sadly our name Discount Supplements won't be on any stands ;)

With over 800 booths of the latest in sports clothing, apparatus and nutrition, each and every single person who attends will leave having seen or learnt something amazing. There are so many events too, it is not just about bodybuilding with men and women flexing on stage. This expo sees the likes of wrestlers, powerlifters, dancers and many more different athletes gracing different competitions they are disciplined in.

Here are some of the competitions and 'hot spots' I think will have a huge amount of engagement and interaction from fans and loved ones...

Arnold Classic 212

Flex Lewis is the reigning two time 212 pound champion and will be returning to re claim his title for the third year. This is the first time the event will be held at an Arnold Classic Festival so pressure might be even higher with some of the athletes who look to perform and showcase their physique. In my opinion, I recently saw a picture of Flex Lewis on Facebook and he is looking incredible. You got this Flex :)

Figure International

Can't forget about the ladies who are competing too in the IFBB Pro League as they also look incredible. Check out their amazing physiques below, we wish them all the best in the competition.

Strength Sports

There are over 10 different events in this category which is going to see some pretty impressive and strong athletes competing on the stage. Powerlifting, armwrestling, crossfit, strongman and other events will be taking place throughout the few days and will bring a whole new dimension to the festival.

Olympic Sports

Just like what we have been watching on our TV screens with the Winter Olympics, there will be a few events here at the Arnold Festival. Events such as fencing, boxing, archery, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, track and field and some more.

Combat Sports

There will be a mixture of combat sports also taking place with the likes of Mixed martial Arts and Pro Boxing being the highlights in this section.

So with some amazing events, competitions and the likelihood of seeing a lot of fit and inspiring people, the Arnold Classic Festival is set to be an awesome one. If you are going or watching it on the live webcast, feel free to leave a comment of what you thought and what you enjoyed most of all. We are looking forward to seeing the results of who comes out on top in all the events which take place in just a few days.

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