The Chest Mass Explosion Workout


Is there anyone out there who doesn't like chest day, I mean, come on everyone wants to have a decent chest that looks good in clothes and out of clothes on the beach. Even though it's January, spring and summer will be here in no time and we need to make sure we are ready and equipped for the warm weather. Warmer weather means less clothes, holidays and feeling great about yourself without having to worry about the extra work you could have put in. This is the chest mass explosion workout that is going to push you further than you have experienced when training this muscle group. You ready? Let's go

Chest Split

The chest is split into an upper part and mid-lower part which needs a lot of work through push and fly movements to work both the mass and width aspect. You have to concentrate on both parts equally to get the best results from your workouts, so in this training session you will do exactly that. In this session you will have a variety of pushing and fly movements to compliment the total look of your chest which you are looking to achieve.

Switch The Grip

You don't always need to use the same hand grip on every exercise you do, learn to mix it up a bit and this will make your session even harder. This is what it's all about, you have to be willing to put yourself through the pain and hurt factor to make a significant change within your body. Switching up your grip is just one way of making a session harder, of course you can also change the amount of reps, sets, weights, rest intervals in between and so on. Let's build some mass...

The Workout...

Bench Press Warm Up - 50% of maximum lift and perform 20 reps X 2 sets to get substantial blood flow into chest area. Then go into 4 sets of 10-15 reps of 70-80% heavy lift.

Incline Reverse Dumbbell Press - Set the bench at an approximate 25 degree incline, make sure it isn't too high as you don't want to be hitting the shoulders. Start with your hands turned in and knuckles facing outward, then as you go to press the weight twist the wrists so that it is like a normal press you would perform. As you lower the weight twist the wrist again so it replicates the start position.

Machine Press - Good time to max out on some reps and keep the pump going within your chest area, you should be feeling taxed at this point but the onslaught has only just started. With this machine instead of pushing forward like the exercise is intended for, sit inside the machine and turn to one side, then push with one arm. Do this on the other side too and alternate between sides over the course of 3-4 sets.

Cable Fly - Mix up your cable fly by adjusting the height to low, medium and high to work the different areas of your chest muscles. Try and keep your arms wide and arc-like to ensure you get the best squeeze from your chest muscles that will allow them to break down effectively. You want this final exercise to really work you.


Once you've finished remember to glug back (carefully) your protein and stretch out the chest muscles. You should be feeling pretty worn out but if you don't keep going by adding a finisher to your workout. Some body weight press ups or seated cables can really finish off the chest area. This is the chest mass explosion workout I perform regularly, give it a go and let me know what you think :)

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