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If you are looking for one of the best chest workouts out there, you have come to the right place. If you like working out hard, want to follow a great routine and be sweating like nothing before, check out what I am about to give you below. This chest routine is going to help you build lean muscle mass, strength and look great. We are about to enter 'growing season' and this means putting in the hard work to achieve the best possible physique ready for next year.

Chest Muscles 

This session is aimed at developing the width of your chest and making it look fuller than it does already. If you struggle with you chest like I do then you need to make sure you are lifting heavy enough to make a dent in it. If you aren't progressing by damaging the muscle tissue (in a good way) then you simply won't grow. The muscle has to be broken down and then fed the right nutrients for it to then grow back bigger and stronger.

Your chest muscles are made up of two sets of pectoralis muscles called pec minor and major. Different exercises will target these areas and for the most part we are going to be hitting pressing movements which promote growth and more definition.

Bench Press

There is no question about it that your chest sessions should start with you bench pressing as this compound exercise is going to give you the mass you require. Bench press is an awesome exercise which targets the chest but also your shoulders, triceps and core muscles. Remember to warm up correctly first before loading up the bar. Once warm, hit this exercise with heavy weight and relatively low reps to build up some mass and strength.

Incline Dumbbell Press

Moving onto the upper part of your chest and using dumbbells to introduce more shaping to the muscle. Dumbbells are great because unlike the bar you can really work both sides of your chest without one side working harder than the other. This is great for working out imbalances you may have picked up along the way in your training. Upper chest is important because you want to have an even, balanced looking chest and this exercise is a must. Again, push yourself through using heavy weight and adopt a low rep range.

Narrow Grip Decline Bench

Back onto the barbell with a decline close grip press which hits the inner chest muscles and the triceps effectively. It is important to work the whole of the chest and this means the inner part too. Make sure you are utilising both arms in this exercise and really squeezing at the top of the movement. The best way to generate an optimal squeeze is by picturing that you are going to try to squeeze your elbows together as best as you can, (knowing obviously that you can't do this).

Cable Fly

Finishing with cable flies for an isolation exercise is great when you have already pre exhausted the muscle you are working on. Personally you need to really hit different angles on the cables to really maximise growth, so I would advise doing a set at high, middle and low heights to really see the difference. Slow, controlled and squeeze every rep for this final exercise!

Remember to refuel with your protein shake and you are ready to hit the showers! Work hard, rest well, eat enough and you will grow.

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