The Chinese Students Who Boost Brain Power With IV Drip

This weekend I took a trip to Norway and whilst on the 1 hour 45 minute flight I met a guy called Alex who was sitting next to me. We got talking and the usual questions were asked including ''what do your parents do?'' He told me that they live in China and as he knew I was in the health and fitness industry, he mentioned something I found remarkable. Did you know that in certain schools, colleges and Universities in parts of China, the students are on IV drips to boost their mental power and achieve higher grades. What is in the drip I hear you ask? Well, the drip contains concentrated amounts of amino acids which helps increase stamina and focus during intense periods of study. Although it doesn't state which amino acids they use,  I assume l- -ornithine will be among the ingredients as this is a powerful, anti-fatigue amino acid.

I could never see this happening in England and although the below article is 2012, does this still go on in China? Imagine being at work when you feel sluggish and instead of reaching for the coffee, you opt for the drip? Interesting but I guess this all falls on the fact that there really are different cultures and ways of living out there.

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