The Christmas Diet Roundabout : Time To Take That Exit

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The journey to an end goal, be it fat loss, lean gains, muscle mass or overall weight gain is never linear. To use a driving analogy, you come across various red and amber lights that stop you in your tracks or slow your progress down, but these soon turn green again and things continue to flow nicely. Every now and then though we will come up to a roundabout, and although roundabouts allow you to continue to move and your journey to continue…you really don’t get very far!

The problem with roundabouts are that we get so wrapped up in going round in circles that we lose track of what exit we should be taking. What I want you to remember here is that ANY exit will do off the back of Christmas, the direction is meaningless here, the key is momentum, regain that momentum and soon you’ll pick up the correct path again.

Make YOU, your health, your end goal your priority, NOT your cravings. If you have indulged on chocolate, cake, cheese and other indulgences, then expect to have to content with the so called ‘toxic hunger’ many face. The low energy and headachy feeling that quickly follows a drop off of sugar. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing, it may not feel like it but it is your body’s way of recalibrating itself, re-regulating your blood sugar balance and regaining control.

You have to ride the post-Christmas binge out for a few days (usually 2-3) and give yourself maybe a week of solid, consistent clean eating to reprogram that mind-set and hormonal shift. Don’t wait until the New Year to do it either…the time is now. Let’s do this!



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