CNP Pro Fusion Bars - Product Review

CNP are a well known brand that have been around for some time now. Offering solid products which use quality ingredients, you know what you’re getting from CNP.

For many years they’ve had a bar that has consistently done well, their famous Flapjack protein bar , even with much more competition in the marketplace it still stands strong.

Well, now we have the CNP Pro Fusion Bar, a high protein bar which offers some serious benefits that also goes down a treat - an excellent addition to the CNP range.

Anyway, let’s get right into the review of these brand new CNP Pro Fusion Bars, starting with a few highlights...

CNP Pro Fusion Bar Highlights

  • 20g of protein per bar
  • Great taste & texture
  • Low sugar content
  • High quality ingredients

Taste & Texture

When it comes to taste, these bars are pretty good that’s for sure!

CNP Pro Fusion Bar

Chocolate Caramel Crunch Flavour

This flavour is great, very chocolatey with a tone of caramel coming through shortly after, this bar’s name is very fitting. Then there’s the texture, it’s great how when biting into the bar the bottom part of the bar has not much resistance due to it being quite soft, but then we have the top part, which in contrast, is nice and crunchy plus it contains soya crispies...all of this results in an indulgent taste/texture and makes the bar a real joy to consume.

CNP Pro Fusion Bar

Raspberry Ripple Crunch Flavour

Then we have this flavour - Raspberry Ripple!

Well, if you’re a fan of Raspberry Ripple ice-cream this bar is reminiscent of it. The raspberry ripple syrup in the bar completes this bar and gives it that unique taste and quality. It is quite a sweet bar too, so this is one for those with a sweet tooth...if not then the Chocolate Caramel is the one for you, or try both of course to see for yourself.

Ingredients Used

The chocolate coating for these bars is excellent, amazing taste and a real chocolatey ‘feel’ - they use Maltitol Milk Chocolate for the Chocolate Caramel bar and White Maltitol Chocolate for the Raspberry Ripple Crunch...a premium, low sugar chocolate.

Then we’ve got milk powder, soya protein isolate and a few other ingredients that keep the protein content high, sugar levels low...but the taste right on the money.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you’re looking for a bar that tastes great, has a decent chunk of protein and is a little bit different to most traditional protein bars then the CNP Pro Fusion protein bars are one to check out.


Check them out here now!


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