CNP Professional Pro Pump Evo - Product Review

CNP Pro Pump Evo - A benefit to your training?

CNP Pro Pump Evo is a product advertised to reduce tiredness and fatigue and deliver an ‘unreal’ muscle pump and is suggested as a non-stimulant alternative to pre-workouts such as Adapt Nutrition’s Pre-train or Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum Pre which employ caffeine as a stimulant as part of their ingredient list.


Ingredients employed in this product have seen considerable research in terms of sports performance and there are noteworthy inclusions. For instance Citrulline Malate has been repeatedly proven to improve performance in terms of reps with a given resistance. This product contains the effective minimal dose of 6000mg which I am yet to see in any other pre-workout supplement giving it a clear edge over the competition. Additionally beta alanine has been shown to delay onset of neuromuscular fatigue and anaerobic threshold backing up the advertised statement of reduced fatigue during workouts. These ingredients therefore promote an increase in performance allowing for higher stress placed upon the muscles during a workout which will aid in progressive overload eliciting growth or potentially breaking strength plateaus.  I noted that while utilising this product I managed to set a new PR on Military Press and a new rep PR on bicep curl. The above ingredients not only proven through scientific studies to be effective but also have correlated to real world in gym results giving a genuine boost to performance that was not apparent for stimulant based pre-workouts alone.


With regards to the pump aspect Green Tea Extract (Vaso 6) and L-arginine are the main drivers of the ‘pump’ sensation and have been extensively linked to nitric oxide up regulation causing the widening of blood vessels allowing improved blood flow and resulting in the pump.  This widening of the blood vessels increases the flow of blood to the muscle aiding in improved oxygen and nutrient delivery and the removal of waste materials such as lactic acid during exercise. So not only does Pro Pump Evo give the much enjoyed feeling of a full muscle pump but can facilitate a potential performance improvement.  In my personal experience I noticed an immediate pump in the respiring muscles even when warming up for working sets. It was a pronounced pump and consistent throughout the workout in every muscle group I trained over a weekly period. The flavour was reminiscent of old fizzy cola bottle sweets which I found to be an enjoyable taste and the results were not only obvious but immediate and consistent. I also noticed that there was no increase in tolerance a single serving had the same impact from each session over the two week period I was using the product. This gives it a distinct advantage over stimulant based options which require increased doses over time to illicit the same initial response making it an increasingly costly option.

To conclude this product contains scientifically tried and tested ingredients that result in a positive effect on training allowing for individuals to utilise progressive overload increasing the potential for hypertrophy and strength improvements while not using stimulants prone to crashing. This product is an ideal option for those who desire a pre-workout that delivers a superb pump and  a boost to performance which allows you to have pre-workout benefits not being committed to the intake of high doses of caffeine which can be detrimental in the long term.

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Mitchell Sparke (MSc–Clinical Exercise Physiology)
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