The Comeback Kid... Victor Martinez Takes 1st Place

One of the best bodybuilders in the industry has had an incredible weekend competing at the IFBB Tampa Pro with a huge win! It's true when they say hard work truly does pay off and for this athlete those words really do ring true. Victor Martinez placed first in this competition and is on his way to the Olympia in less than 6 weeks time. Myself and Tom will be representing Discount Supplements in Vegas and look forward to seeing Martinez on stage, but here is a bit of background about Victor and why this is so inspiring.

Martinez Background

Some of you may have heard of him for his previous wins and placings at other competitions like the Olympia and Arnold Classics. Among these competitions and others he has built a huge name for himself and is known as a great bodybuilder. However he has been caught up on the wrong side of the law and was put in jail. He spent several months in the penitentiary and speaks of surviving on only 800 calories per day. Now for someone of his stature he needs perhaps 4 times this amount than what he was getting to sustain his muscle mass and size. It is without question that being in this deficit for so long without proper training and nutrition he would have lost size and definition, not to mention mental focus too.

Coming Out Of The Pen

When he came out of the penitentiary the first thing he wanted to do was train and get the conditioning back to where it was before going in. The goal was to step onto the stage at the Olympia and he only had a few months to perform this and be stage ready. Hours upon hours of working out and eating properly lead him to believing he could step onto the stage for the 2013 Mr Olympia contest. Unfortunately for Victor he wasn't as ready to step onto the stage as he thought he was when he was told by a very close friend he should leave it. Not competing in the one competition that means so much to all athletes must be hard for someone to take but it didn't keep him down for long....

The Comeback

Victor knew that he needed to get his head down and work really hard to bring something special for this year and that is exactly what he did. Around the time all this happened his sponsors dropped him and he really just needed to rely on himself and his coach to pull him through. The weekend just passed was a great achievement for him as he stepped onto the stage to win the IFBB Tampa Bay Pro and being prep for the Mr Olympia 50th year!

From all of us hear at DS, Victor Martinez you are awesome and will inspire thousands with this story, never give up believing in what you love doing!

Reference - Generation Iron DVD

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