Cristiano Ronaldo Wins Best International Athlete : Is He The Perfect Athlete?

It would be hard to argue against Ronaldo being the best athlete out there wouldn’t it? The guy has scored 66 goals in 56 games at the highest level, against some of the best players in the world…and he’s done it season after season. You’ve just got to look at the man to realise he’s an athlete in the truest meaning of the word, he has a lat spread that would please a bodybuilder, he has legs like a powerlifter, and the guys 6 foot plus! Goodness knows what it takes to be THE best, I mean the undisputed leader at what you and others do, but if I was to hazard a guess I would say it was a combination of factors. These might include natural ability, sound nurturing of said ability, an indomitable work ethic and the mental capacity to harness and utilise it all at once…but I’m just surmising. Whatever it takes, the skinny, spotty, and albeit athletic looking boy that was signed by Manchester Utd all those years ago, has got it, and he’s got it in an abundance!

Worthy winner

He is without doubt the deserved winner of the ESPY award, with everything considered, his team only finished third in the league, he suffered a couple of injuries AND he had to carry an under par Portugal team through the world cup! He may be show offy, he may have this almost arrogant bravado, but the man carries it off, and when he does win or lose he does it magnanimously and with humility that makes him all the more worthy. He is also very charitable, giving money where he can as well as sportingly shaking ball boys hands as well as giving them hugs just minutes before a world cup match.

Being the best athlete in the world is more than just winning, it’s about the manner in which you win too. Ronaldo has won almost everything there is to win in football (excluding the world cup…which isn’t really his fault to be fair), and he’s always done it sportingly and in an entertaining fashion. He isn’t a Klose or Shearer, both present and past footballers that scored somewhat boring goals, tap ins. Tap in finishes are no less effective, but Ronaldo has revolutionised the art of scoring, he scores at will and does it emphatically! His free kicks are revolutionary (with the help of Honda, the Japanese international) causing him to excite and enthuse the crowd even by just standing over the ball, never mind striking it. Ronaldo is extremely pacey, skilful and incredibly powerful when leaping for the ball, these are just a handful of reasons why he is the best athlete in the world right now, and why he could go down as one of the best athletes ever!

Not forgetting…

By no means am I going back on all that I just said, but let me draw your attention to the title of the award presented to Christiano, arranged by ESPN, he was awarded ‘Best International Athlete’. Although I feel Ronaldo is 100% worthy of the award (the man is a specimen after all), I do find it surprising that all round athletes such as 3 time consecutive Crossfit Champion Rich Froning isn’t even considered for this title, particularly when ESPN are set to televise the Crossfit Games in the coming weeks. Rich Froning is deemed to be the ‘Fittest on earth’ because of his ability to lift heavy weight, perform explosive movements, deliver gymnastic moves such as ring muscle ups and handstand walks even when heavily fatigued. With the exponential rise in Crossfits’ popularity, you would expect athletes such as Rich to be getting a bit more exposure and recognition on the biggest stage of all. Maybe he will in time, and should he go on to win the Crossfit Games for a 4th time this summer, then I for one will be asking WHY THE HECK NOT!

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