Is CrossFit To Blame For Kevin Ogar's Injury?

Whilst I was at the Copper Box Arena watching the Battle Of London showdown at the weekend, a lot of talk was about a  certain Colorado athlete called Kevin Ogar. I saw lots of merchandise and spoke to people who are very passionate about the sport and what has happened to Kevin during a routine lift in a competition recently. He is a 6'1, 210lb competitor who was performing a snatch during his competition but couldn't control the weight he was holding above his head. He suffered a serious injury which has left him unable to compete and worse yet, possibly paralysed from the waist down.

About Kevin

OGAR strong is what they are calling him as he was such an elite athlete. Kevin was not someone who just decided to pick up a barbell and try crossfit for the first time, oh no, he had been competing and living the lifestyle for many years. He is a professional CrossFit coach in Denver and teaches the basics and more advanced moves to those that want to get fitter and stronger.

So What Happened

Kevin was competing in a competition and whilst performing a snatch he buckled and lost control of the bar. The weight he was trying to stablise above his head took him to the ground with the bar rebounding off some weights that were on the floor. The bar with around 100kg of weight on it then hit into his spinal cord and has left him bed bound until he undergoes his rehabilitation.

Why Is CrossFit Getting A Bad Name? 

Like most things in life, people will either believe in something or they won't and this is quite black and white in some people's personalities. As for the rest of the people who don't fall into the above will look at things in an open minded fashion and see a sport for what it is, perhaps give it a go and then make up their mind. However, it is quite clear that the amount of people who do not like CrossFit regardless of what has happened to Kevin a disaster sport and one that promotes many physical dangers. The fact that there were weights near the lifting area is the talking point here and is another reason for people to call it dangerous.

What I Think!

In my experience of training and working out in different environments you always need to pay attention to your area and what is happening. However I believe that a freak accident which occurred to Kevin Ogar could happen to anyone of us at any time in any sporting event. The fact is you can't wrap people up in cotton wool and worry about every situation that 'could' happen. What if this happens, what if that? I workout in gyms and I have been to many across the world, one thing always remains the same, weights are always left out on the gym floor causing a hazard. However, this doesn't stop me from doing what I want to do, and I can't mother everyone who exercises around me to be careful. What about the guy that lifts the heavy weights but can't control them once finished and just drops them to the floor. We all have seen these type of people in the gym. Formula 1 drivers, NFL players and other sports people are all participating in dangerous sports where things can go wrong.

One thing is for sure and that is the spirit and family approach to CrossFit is what will continue to grow and inspire many people to join in with the sport. An incident like this doesn't turn people away who realise that you simply can't control all the outcomes in life. If anything I believe something like this will bring more people together, unite and show support to Kevin. I certainly wish him a speedy recovery and hope that his rehabilitation goes to plan.

At the Battle Of London there was merchandise in respect of Ogar and what happened to him only a week ago. T shirts, wrist bands and much much more. Numerous athletes and spectators paid their respects by wearing the different merchandise as a sign of mutual support and love to the sport.

To donate or visit the page for Kevin directly, follow this link -

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