Crossfit : Tribal Clash, Community & The Application Of Fitness


Crossfit, arguably the biggest sporting/ fitness craze to hit the industry in decades. Few training methodologies have received as much attention, both good and bad, as Crossfit. Since its official inception by founder Greg Glassman back in 2000, Crossfit has grown exponentially. Crossfit has evolved from gymnastics, and the powerful, explosive, functional moves that encompass gymnastics are clear to see in many of the Crossfit WODs (workout of the days). Olympic lifting and powerlifting are also key elements of Crossfit, so throw in some endurance and you have a training methodology that tests you from all angles. You can expect to see workouts that entail just 10mins of work, but may include double under skips, followed by hand stand press ups, heavy kettle bell swings and more double under skipping. You might also see maximal effort lifts whereby the athletes have 10mins to reach their one rep max on an Olympic lift such as the snatch. Basically, Crossfit is deemed to be the ultimate test of fitness, so if you are crowned the best Crossfit athlete in the world, then you are widely considered to be…The fittest person on earth!

Tribal Clash… Crossfitters assemble

This year, I and the Crossfit community come together in Devon, at the Blackpool Sands on the 29th- 31st August. It’s located on the golden sands of the coved beach and will host 144 tribes and thousands of spectators who will all be immersed in everything Crossfit for those 2 days. During this time athletes and spectators will either camp on the beach, in local camp sites or stay in nearby hotels so as to be as close to the action as possible when it starts. The organisers delay the release of the events to preserve the element of surprise and limit the amount of time athletes have to taper their training to a certain area. This means the athletes are all working from an even platform, without the ability to work on specific weak areas to suit the event!

Competition format

The competition works in a rolling knockout fashion. It begins with the top 20 placing teams and eventually cuts them down to 10, then 8, then 6, right down to a final 2. So true to the nature of Crossfit, the teams will have to have versatility and strength in depth in order to progress through to the final where they will battle it out to become the Tribal Champions!

Crossfit Community

The Tribal Clash is the largest team fitness event anywhere in Europe, with the main draw clearly being the Crossfit competition, however anyone affiliated with Crossfit will tell you that it is more than just a form of exercise. One of the other main attractions of Tribal Clash is the music, and the sense of drama and excitement it can bring to exercise and an exercise community. Better known as the ‘tribal beats’, the unique combination of live Taiko drummers and of course the DJ makes for an incredible atmosphere for both the competitors and the spectators alike. John Strong was a participant at the 2013 event: “When the drums start up all your hairs stand up and you feel sick with nerves, then you get moving and the beat courses through your veins like raw energy – it makes you feel invincible and it keeps you going right through to the end. It’s hypnotic. You just kind of zone out and it keeps your mind off the pain.”


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